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Air Oasis Showcases Expanded Product Line at 2018 AHR Expo

Air Oasis Bi-Polar productThe new Bi-Polar® Ice, a patent-pending ice machine decontaminator, was among the technologies featured in the Air Oasis booth 8021 as the company showcased their expanded product line at the AHR Expo in Chicago, IL January 22 – 24, 2018.

Designed for ice machine applications, the Bi-Polar® Ice (BPi) utilizes bi-polar ionization to neutralize contaminants in a safe and effective manner. This technology uses 12kV of electron voltage to break down water vapor into positive hydrogen and negative oxygen ions, creating a hydroxyl effect on the surfaces of mold, bacteria and viruses commonly found in ice machines. Studies have shown this product is capable of keeping commercial ice machines clean for extended periods — well beyond manual, chemical-based cleaning alternatives. Air Oasis has repurposed one of the most effective technologies for the elimination of fungi, bacteria, viruses, odor-causing VOCs, and airborne particulate matter into a device that will save businesses significant time, money, and distraction from serving their customers.

“We designed the BPi to fit in any commercial ice machine. Its small, adaptable configuration and ease of installation makes this a great product for a wide range of users,” stated Air Oasis co-founder and COO, Dr. Jeff Bennert. “Its small size also makes it ideal for applications such as PTACs and ductless air conditioners.”

“Being the industry’s only NSF and UL867 rated product for use in ice machines, the Bpi is a game-changer,” according to Brad Baxter, Air Oasis VP of Sales and Marketing. “The restaurant and hospitality industries can rest assured our BPi is safe to be used with consumable ice based on NSF International’s food grade certification of our product.”

Air Oasis also be introduced the Bi-Polar® 2400 + BMS unit, an upgrade to their popular Bi-Polar2400 bi-polar ionization air purifier. The new unit is compatible with building automation systems and easy to install, making it ideal for large office buildings and other multi-tenant applications.

Visitors to the Air Oasis booth also saw the nano Induct™ air and surface decontaminator, which relies on proprietary AHPCO (advanced hydrated photo catalytic oxidation) technology. These products produce hydroxyl radicals, ionized hydro peroxides and very effective catalytic ions. Catalytic ions seek out and deactivate carbon-based molecules. This technology is shown to be very efficient in purifying the air, deactivating microbes, reducing bio-toxin buildup and sanitizing surfaces.

“Contractors are increasingly becoming aware of the value-creation opportunity of air and surface purification,” Brad Baxter concluded. “Not only can they can solve some stubborn problems for their residential customers, namely those with sensitivities to allergens, issues with mold, and troublesome odors, but they can differentiate themselves by offering solutions to numerous businesses – office buildings, medical facilities, pet stores, hair salons – anywhere indoor air pollutants and odors are present.”

Based in Amarillo, Texas, Air Oasis makes all-American made indoor air quality products with strict quality control procedures. Air Oasis’ proprietary advanced technologies and product designs take air purification to a new level. Air Oasis products are reasonably priced, low maintenance, and energy efficient. They quietly and effectively sanitize air and surface areas, whereas many competitors are limited to passive, local air cleaning. We put the quality in IAQ!

For more information, visit their website, For inquiries about representing Air Oasis or carrying its products, contact Brad Baxter at or (949) 346.4489.