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Alegria Gold at Solar in Baton Rouge

Jeff Fuentes, Craig Juneau, Charles Fisher and Trey Chatagnier fell that their Alegria Gold line of ductless mini split systems fills the complete needs of their customers.

Craig Juneau, Jeff Fuentes and Trey Chatagnier at Solar Supply in Baton Rouge
Craig Juneau, Jeff Fuentes and Trey Chatagnier

Jeff says, “The Alegria Gold series offers seers up to 17 and does it at a price point that is very affordable. The customers are getting a great value and are getting a unit that is loaded with extra features. It has a low ambient kit, so systems can produce comfort heating to ambient outdoor temperatures as low as 5°F. It has an ON/OFF manual switch button located at the evaporator. The unit will shut down and switch into protection mode if it detects abnormalities and show an error code to assist the technician. These units will continue to operate if a non-critical component fails, such as a sensor. An error code is even displayed at the indoor unit if there is a leak detected in the system.”

Jeff continued, “Homeowners really love the ‘Follow Me Function.’ In this mode, the unit will regulate the temperature at the remote control instead of at the evaporator for the set temperature. This allows the homeowner to be comfortable wherever they are in the house. They also like that the unit will tell them when they have a dirty filter.”

You can see the Alegria Gold units at 1902 Airway Drive.

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