Twenty-Seven Programs Granted Programmatic Accreditation

HVAC Excellence is pleased to announce that twenty-seven Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration “HVACR” programs were granted programmatic accreditation in 2017. Knowing that the HVACR industry is one of the fastest growing career opportunities in the United States (offering careers that cannot be exported or automated), these 27 schools wanted to ensure that their HVACR programs had the resources to produce graduates with the retained knowledge necessary for success in this growing field. To… Read More

HVAC RepCo Appointed as Manufacturers’ Representatives Agency for Siemens Control Products & Systems

Siemens, a global leader technology leader, announces the appointment of HVAC RepCo as a new representative agency for its Control Products and Systems product lines for the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. “As a company, we continue to strengthen our position in the wholesaler market, and look to drive incremental contractor business through these partners, as well as broaden our… Read More

Guest Editorial

By Fred Martel One of the big challenges in business is dealing with an irate customer. They are usually irrational, and patience is the only cure. Fred Martel What you may find difficult is tolerating an irate customer who is convinced that he or she knows your business, and takes too much license in criticizing the situation at hand. I’m sure you’ve been confronted with more than one such person who tried your patience on… Read More

M&A Supply Company Selling Generac Extended Warranties

M&A Supply Company is proud to announce that we will now able to sell Generac Extended Warranties to all of our Generac Customers. These warranties are factory extended warranties backed by Generac, not a third party warranty. They are available in 5, 7 or 10-year Factory Extended parts and labor warranty. This will allow the contractor to sell a peace of mind with Generac Generators by offering a total package to the consumer. “Being able… Read More