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In Today’s Unstable Economy Maybe It is a Good Time to Change Your Direction

That’s right, commit. There’s nothing wrong with that word because you’ve always liked yourself, but have you made commitments to yourself. Here’s a question: How much time have you committed to improving you, and not your company. Why is that important? Because you are the company. Here are a few suggestions. Joel Berkley In the upcoming year, commit to: Refusing to accept anything but the best. It’s a funny thing about life, if you refuse… Read More

Viking Mergers & Acquisitions Awarded a $200 Million Opportunity for HVAC Owner/Operators

Viking Mergers & Acquisitions has been retained by an HVAC industry buyer, initially investing in excess of $200MM+ in industry-leading HVAC owner/operators. Viking can help you secure your future with an upfront liquidity event, long term income and benefits with growth opportunities. Our buyer has proven operational processes which will provide a platform to allow you to maximize future growth creating maximum value for you and your employees. Viking’s confidential process is designed to help… Read More

5 Keys to Peak Season from HARDI

As we transition out of the emergency phase of COVID-19 into the recovery phase, HARDI has developed a new set of tools to help your business prepare for peak season in this new world, designed to address the five greatest uncertainties identified during the crisis. Please use these new tools to help reinvigorate your teams, make informed decisions, and keep your employees and customers safe. Click here for video from Talbot… Read More

What Are You Doing to Build the Talent Pipeline?

By Bruce Wiseman, President of Business Development Resources Across the home service industry, businesses are struggling to recruit technicians. HVAC companies are feeling the pinch along with plumbers, electricians and more. The skilled labor shortage means that technicians are job-shopping, searching for better salaries and benefits, leading to costly turnover that busy HVAC businesses can’t afford. In fact, turnover cost in the home services industry is 50% of an employee’s annual salary, more than $26,000… Read More

Easy Online Scheduling and Payments Key for Securing and Retaining Home Service Customers, Workiz Survey Finds

A survey by the leading field service management platform reveals nearly 44% of respondents prefer to schedule an appointment online and 35% prefer to pay for that service digitally. A recent survey by leading field service management and communication platform Workiz, revealed that in order to attract and retain customers, field service businesses need to have an easy-to-use online scheduling system as well as digital payment options. With the global field service management industry expected… Read More