Business Management with JOBPROGRESS

JOBPROGRESS allows you to manage all of your jobs and customers in one easy to use location for many different trade types.  All data is securely stored online in a cloud based platform that can be utilized in office or on site location. JOBPROGRESS is easily accessible and can be used on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone platform, with your Company activity seamlessly being transferred between devices. As a service, JOBPROGRESS supports you… Read More

Power Words for Persuasive Advertising

Contributed by Steve Fales Words that sell are the charismatic characters of the English language, flashing an irresistible appeal that draws us in and piques our curiosity. Here are seven worth their weight in advertising gold. Steve Fales Now. In this age of instant gratification, the word now is more important than ever. It has power, especially when paired with an additional incentive. For example, “Call now and get free shipping and a special gift!”… Read More

Succession Planning for Your Business

Contributed by David Kronenfeld, Senior Associate at Cotney Construction Law A good business succession plan finds its roots in a solid operating or shareholder agreement. Establishing baseline rules for who has voting interests, who can transfer their interests in the company, what happens if a partner dies, etc. all occur in the foundational documents of a company. David Kronenfeld In addition to a solid operating or shareholder agreement, some of the common components of business… Read More

Best Ways to Beat Your Competition

Like any other industry, HVACR companies and contractors have to deal with the inevitable reality of competition from rivals. However, it’s not all bad news since competitors can provide you with truly valuable lessons. Each and every customer lost is one lost to a rival company, it’s as though they are taking off with your customers and potential income. Sometimes they achieve this by undercutting your prices, other times they may have their marketing game… Read More