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How Your Online Reputation Affects Your Company Value

By Patrick Lange “HVAC business owners should watch your online reviews like a hawk.” That’s the advice of Patrick Lang, owner of Business Modification Group. He should know, he has sold more HVAC companies than any other broker in the United States in 2019. He explains, “When I have that initial conversation with buyers after they sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), they immediately open Google and enter the name of the business. It’s literally the… Read More

What Makes a Company Attractive for Acquisition?

Contributed by Brooks Crankshaw Imagine an investment banking professional like me meeting a company owner for the first time, whether it be at a conference, cocktail party or owner’s office. At some point early in the conversation, the owner often asks: How much is my company worth? With a few data points and some qualifications, a broad range can usually be specified. But a different question begs a much more interesting answer: What is… Read More

Twenty Thousand Feet: Positively Negative

By Steve Fales The word “negative” usually signifies something bad. But that’s not the case when the discussion is about a concept known as “negative splits.” Steve Fales Negative splits is a term used in the worlds of running and similar sports. It means that the most recent portion of the overall distance of an athletic event was completed in less time than the previous segment of the same length. Instead of slowing down, the… Read More

A New Direction for Customer Engagement

By Susannah Richardson, Marketing Director, Field Service and Contact Center Solutions, IFS Effectively managing customer interactions is a real challenge for contractors. While retailers such as banks and insurers have long embraced self-service technology and multi-channel platforms to enhance the customer experience, field service-based organizations are still discovering how this technology can be best applied. Susannah Richardson, Marketing Director for Field Service and Contact Center Solutions, IFS, explains contracting companies need… Read More