Are You Ready to Offer Equipment Leasing to Your Commercial Clients?

Contributed by Natalie M. Stone, Senior Business Development Manager, Horizon Keystone Finance, A Division of Marlin Business Bank The U.S. economy appears to be in great shape in 2018, and business finance is up 9.2% this year. If you’re not offering financing to your clients, you’re losing jobs to the competition and leaving money on the table. The time to start is now. Natalie Stone Stay ahead of the competition and in front of your… Read More

OSHA’s Anti-Retaliation Policies

By Trent Cotney – Excerpted from the Cotney Construction Law Update Newsletter – June 2018 OSHA has recently provided an interpretation of employer actions that they will view as retaliatory and not permissible. These include certain: (1) Disciplinary policies, (2) Post-accident drug testing policies, and lastly (3) Employee incentive programs. Below is a brief explanation of these policies to help employers avoid violating OSHA regulations. Trent Cotney, PA Discipline OSHA has made it clear that… Read More

Avoid Loss of Business with Contingency Planning

By Mike Popham, Harshaw Trane Business is going great. You’re meeting production, education, or financial goals for the month. Then it happens. Your 25-year-old HVAC system refuses to turn on the next day in the middle of a hot Kentucky day, and it looks like your climate control system is as dead as your moment of being on track for the month. This is affecting the employees working in your building as well as the… Read More

Business Management with JOBPROGRESS

JOBPROGRESS allows you to manage all of your jobs and customers in one easy to use location for many different trade types.  All data is securely stored online in a cloud based platform that can be utilized in office or on site location. JOBPROGRESS is easily accessible and can be used on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone platform, with your Company activity seamlessly being transferred between devices. As a service, JOBPROGRESS supports you… Read More