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AHR Expo Leadership Discussions

AHR Expo Council Member Karine Leblanc Chats with Jun Yang of Building Networks Group Karine Leblanc AHR Expo Expert Council Member Karine Leblanc is connecting with members of the HVACR Industry to dive into the dynamics of leadership and better understand personal approaches to finding success. In a series of discussions, Karine talks leadership amidst a global pandemic, the realization of defining moments, qualities and habits and much more. In this edition, Karine connects with… Read More

Keep the Numbers Real When Listing Your HVAC Company

Exaggerating Numbers Means Mistrust and No Deal Talk to any seasoned HVAC company owner and they will tell you what is real and what isn’t when it comes to the numbers in their business.  It’s the sixth sense only industry veterans have. So when they see others in the business claim 40-50% net profit margins and inflated asking prices in their advertised HVAC business for sale, they’re quick to call BS. Here’s a… Read More

BDR Presents ‘Customer Service University’

Catherine Bares of BDR (Business Development Resources) took time to tell us about ‘Customer Experience University’ by saying, “This class teaches you how to implement a structured, retail process for your sales and install coordinators. It is designed to train these vital team members in communication and organizational skills so they can drive improved customer satisfaction and drive referrals. At this 3-day workshop, attendees will be guided through the importance of capturing, managing, and nurturing… Read More

How Microsoft Power BI Can Help You Grow Your HVAC Business

Microsoft Power BI is a platform that provides easy-to-understand visualization and business intelligence to help you manage your business. We interviewed Vikram Jain, practice director, and Deepesh Vashistha, a technology consultant both from Advaiya, to find out more about how this technology can help HVAC business owners. Advaiya is a Bellevue-based technology consulting and implementation services company that provides tailored digital transformation solutions with business applications and analytics. What type of work initiatives take place… Read More

Flexible Parking Garage Gas Monitoring Design Key to Safe, Profitable Projects

Whether new or retrofit construction, HVAC contractors can also be responsible for ventilation in parking structures. But to comply with building codes for life safety in confined spaces, parking structures require gas monitoring to prevent the dangerous accumulation of gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. However, design changes are almost inevitable because such structures are often built first and utilized as development occurs in stages. Specifications written at the start of a project… Read More

Cutting Back in a COVID-19 World

By Andrew Chermark The Coronavirus Pandemic has impacted the entire world. The predictions are dire. According to World Bank forecasts, the global economy will shrink by 5.2 percent this year. That would be the deepest recession the world has experienced since the Second World War. In the U.S., the second quarter Gross Domestic Product plunged a record 32.9 percent from the previous quarter. Some feel the recession will continue until we have a vaccine, and… Read More
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