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Forrest Anderson Plumbing and AC Launches Complete Service Experience

It can be difficult to know who to trust when hiring someone to work inside the home, and that decision becomes even more stressful during an emergency. That’s why locally owned and operated Forrest Anderson Plumbing and AC (Forrest Anderson) is launching a new system to give every customer confidence they will be treated with honesty and respect. The Forrest Anderson Plumbing and AC team. The new Forrest Anderson Complete Service™ Experience is a formalized… Read More

The Case for Developing Young Talent

It’s been widely accepted that the biggest problem facing the HVAC industry is the shortage of skilled labor. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this reality is not forecasted to change anytime soon. They estimate that in the next 3 years, the industry will need 50% more skilled technicians that we currently have. That’s a huge deficit, and while Federal and State Governments are working to bolster worker training programs, it doesn’t help… Read More

Speaking Basic Courtesy

By Steve Fales People who live in Geneva, Switzerland speak primarily French. I discovered that when I spent a week’s vacation there. And although most of the Swiss know English fairly well, I wanted to be slightly less obvious as a unilingual American. To my amazement this wasn’t difficult at all. Steve Fales Many common activities could be navigated just fine with as few as six French phrases. Here they are: Bonjour (Hello); Au revoir… Read More

Blame It on the Employee

By Joel Berkley “Work hard on your job and yes, you can make a living, but work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.” Joel Berkley My goal is to challenge your thinking and to assist you in implementing the above statement. The next series of articles are written for the HVAC business owners that are serious about making improvements in their business.  There are a lot of owners who talk about what… Read More
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