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How Contractors Can Build Trust with Customers and Earn Their Business

By John Tyreman When homeowners realize they have a problem with their heating or cooling units, the next step is to gather information that will help them fix it. In the summer of 2020, my air conditioner was always running, but blowing warm air. I Googled dozens of different keyword phrases and found a range of issues to troubleshoot. Through research and process of elimination, I learned it was low on refrigerant. John Tyreman I… Read More

The Year of the Ox: How To Keep Your HVAC Business Flourishing Throughout 2021

By: Bryan Davenport, General Manager at Oxbox With 2021 being the Year of the Ox, there is much we can learn from this patient creature. The ox is a methodical team player and believes in prosperity acquired through hard work, integrity, and fair play. Drawing upon the ox’s desire to flourish, Oxbox has achieved success through its consistent efforts, along with ideals the ox has inspired, such as: commitment, patience, diligence, and contributing to the… Read More

Do You Sense Change in the Air?

By Danielle Myers, Operations & Compliance Manager, Thermostat Recycling Corp. I recently attended the Midwest Energy Solutions Conference — virtually, of course. Its four days were replete with various programs directed toward the energy industry, focusing on raising awareness and reinforcing the importance of energy efficiency in the Midwest. Danielle Myers Topics ranged from “No Wires, No Problem. Non-wires Solutions for Optimizing the Grid” and “How Can Energy Efficiency Support Grid Resiliency” to Decarbonization and… Read More

The Soft Skill Most People Never Master

By: Erica Leonor When was the last time you heard a horror story about how a CSR or Technician provided terrible customer service to a homeowner? Or even yet, witnessed this horror story for yourself? I hear these kinds of experiences every single day. I would like to assume that providing great customer service is common sense for everyone. But sadly, it’s not. Common sense isn’t so common anymore. Erica Leonor So, in my effort… Read More

How Much Will You Net From Your HVAC Business Sale?

By Business Modification Group HVAC specific business broker Patrick Lange Other than taxes, you get to keep all of the money offered for your business, right? Not exactly. So how much will you net from your HVAC business sale? Patrick Lange, a business broker with Business Modification Group lays out the six major expenses that relate to any HVAC business sale. Maintenance Agreements and Prepaid In-house Warranties If you’ve been listening to industry experts, you… Read More

Realization: The Moment When Buyers Recognize They Need a Contractor

By John Tyreman There are events in our everyday lives that can trigger the need to purchase a home service. John Tyreman Sometimes, you can plan for those events. Other times you can’t. For example, when my basement flooded because of a busted hot water heater, there was an important and urgent need to get it fixed. The only time I had to think of what kind of specialist to look for was while I… Read More