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BDR Management Training Boosts Long-term Leadership for HVAC Companies

Business Development Resources (BDR), the training and business coaching authority for home services industry professionals, will help HVAC contractors position new leaders for success with Creating the Next Generation of Company Managers, a three-day live virtual training scheduled for March 30-April 1. “The transition from employee to management is one of the most significant shifts most people will experience in their career,” said BDR head coach Chris Koch. “It’s not simply a… Read More

The New Flat Rate Presents Profit First Workshop on Feb. 18 for Home Service Business Owners

The New Flat Rate, the first menu-pricing system for home service contractors, is teaming up with veteran business coach Susan Frew to present the Profit First workshop, an interactive and entertaining workshop geared toward helping businesses discover their profit and use it to build their businesses, on Feb. 18. Susan Frew The workshop, which can be attended virtually or live in Dalton, Georgia, will teach business owners the Profit First system that has been used… Read More

XOi Empowers Contractors to deliver Shared Advantages with Multi-Channel Partner Network Capabilities

XOi Technologies, providers of a cloud-based mobile application that empowers field service technicians to provide industry-leading service and transparency, announces groundbreaking multi-channel workflow and knowledge base capabilities that equip contractors to standardize communication and collaboration inside their organization and with external partners. Multi-channel workflows and knowledge base capabilities are part of the launch of XOi Partner Networks within the XOi Vision app. By allowing field service providers to easily share resources and information across their… Read More

How Do I Sell My HVAC Company Myself?

Good news! If you have a highly reputable full-service HVAC company, it’s in high demand. Now that you’ve built a ready-to-sell HVAC business, where do you start? We won’t bury the lead here. If the question is, can you sell your HVAC business yourself? The answer is yes. But it comes with a long list of details, that if missed, or mishandled can spell disaster for your future and unravel a career’s worth… Read More

Can Your Customer Require Your Workers to be Vaccinated?

Source: Cotney Construction Law website resource articles 1/14/2021 As health providers continue to roll out the COVID-19 vaccination, you may encounter a customer—such as a developer or building owner—who states that all your workers must be vaccinated, or they will not be allowed on the worksite. Can a customer make such a demand? Yes and no. With an Existing Contract Trent Cotney, PA If your project has an existing contract that does not mention a… Read More

Resilience Gives Way to Dominance: Three Predictions for How Service Emerges Stronger Than Ever in 2021

By Sarah Nicastro, Field Service Evangelist, IFS and Future of Field Service In a year fraught with such fear, turbulence, and complexity as 2020, it has sometimes taken effort to see the positives. As someone who cares deeply about this industry, one of those positives for me has been witnessing how the leaders I’m speaking to have risen to the challenges of this year with grit, resilience, and fortitude. They’ve shown true compassion for their… Read More