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Schedule Engine Launches Live Voice to Help Home Service Professionals Book More Qualified Jobs Around the Clock

Schedule Engine, the leader in home services booking solutions, announces Schedule Engine Live Voice, the only industry-trained call support solution built for contractors, by contractors. With customizable call scripting, scheduling integrations and emergency on-call escalation workflows featuring industry-trained experts, Schedule Engine Live Voice makes it easy for contractors to deliver their best customer experience around the clock while increasing efficiency for dispatchers and technicians. “The home services industry is undergoing a radical shift. Contractors are… Read More

AI and Automation Power Latest Release of IFS Customer Engagement, Driving Improved Customer Experiences

Highly configurable, integrated and fully branded omnichannel hub lets customers book services and get accurate information online, through social or over the phone. IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces the availability of new and enhanced capabilities in its customer engagement software enabling companies to respond to the challenges facing the traditional call center and transform their customer engagement. IFS is leading the way for service organizations to become knowledge and outcome centric throughout the… Read More

Is Your HVAC Business Buyer Already on Your Payroll?

By Patrick Lange When I have the initial confidential meeting with an HVAC business owner about selling their business, I ask them a few questions about their reasons for selling, revenues, and significant expenses. Eventually, I’ll ask if there is anyone you think could be interested in buying your business, a key employee perhaps? The questions usually spark some thought and cause owners to sit back in their chairs and take a… Read More

HVAC Professionals: Controlling Customer Expectations through Contracts

By Jeremy Power The rule of thumb in construction is that one out of every 20 customers will be problematic. The issues could be as simple as a customer not being satisfied with the performance of the HVAC system or it could involve a dispute regarding payment. Although customer service is always the first line of defense, it is important that HVAC contractors review and update their contracts on a yearly basis. Often, contractors treat… Read More

ServiceTitan Announces Industry-Transforming Upgrades to Marketing Pro Software

  ServiceTitan, the world’s leading all-in-one software and operating system for residential and commercial contractors, has announced the launch of new marketing tools that transform the company’s best-selling Marketing Pro platform into the industry’s only full suite of automated marketing functions. ServiceTitan’s new reputation and direct mail marketing features equip users to generate, monitor, and manage online reviews and listings and create and distribute targeted direct mail campaigns, all from a… Read More