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When is the Best Time to Sell your HVAC Business? Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring?

By Patrick Lange Outside of your decision to get married, selling your HVAC business is likely to be the second most important decision you will make in your lifetime. When you’ve decided to sell your HVAC business, the time of year to close is an important detail. The answer largely depends on your geographical location and perspective. Summer “In the summer, contractors are slammed,” says Patrick Lange, owner of Business Modification… Read More

Getting Your Email Marketing in Good with Customers

Contributed by Steve Fales (excerpted from the April 2019 AdServices newsletter) E-mail, it’s the marketing channel that never stops playing. It holds equal risks and rewards for businesses that regularly use the medium to connect with customers. Steve Fales To make sure your e-mail efforts are engaging instead of annoying, here are some best practices worth following. Don’t Crowd. No one wants to be bombarded by promotional emails every day. Having gaps… Read More

Roadmap for Trade Contractors: How to Unlock Aftermarket Field Service Revenue

By Steve Andrew With prices dropping and profits shrinking from equipment sales, trade contractors are looking to unlock more revenue by establishing aftermarket service contracts to maintain equipment availability throughout its entire lifecycle. Steve Andrew, Vice President of Marketing, North America, at IFS has written a checklist of the nine key field service management (FSM) functionalities trade contractors need in order to effectively implement and manage aftermarket service contracts. Steve Andrew Trade contractors are realizing… Read More

Avoiding SEO No-No’s that Once Ruled the Rankings

Contributed by Steve Fales (excerpted from the April 2019 AdServices newsletter) To grow your business and get ahead of the competition online, you need the kind of visibility that puts you high in organic (unpaid) search result rankings. Steve Fales So what are the search engine optimization best practices for achieving a more prominent position and attracting a larger share of traffic? The answers are changing, and what once were considered the SEO… Read More
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