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“Wahoo!” Business Development Resources (BDR) Integrates Bedrock Efficiency Report within ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan, the world’s leading all-in-one software for residential HVAC, plumbing, electrical and other home service businesses, has partnered with Business Development Resources (BDR), an elite coaching organization, to integrate their 8 for 10® Report, which is analyzed to identify efficiencies in the way service companies run their business in order to achieve 10 billable hours in an 8 hour work day. “The 8 for 10 Report is the bedrock of our service coaching philosophy,” said… Read More

SpeedClean Offers Tips on Conducting Spring Cleaning Within Your HVAC Business

During the spring, many technicians encourage homeowners and businesses to perform routine maintenance on their cooling system to ensure the equipment runs efficiently. Similar to HVAC systems, businesses need regular check-ins. From operations to marketing, SpeedClean is offering a few tips for conducting spring cleaning within your own HVAC business practices. “It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations, but the industry and best practices for HVAC marketing are continually evolving… Read More

The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence

Contributed by Debbie Muno, The EI Academy Welcome to our fifth installment about Emotional Intelligence. In our last article, we discussed the Seven Emotional Intelligence Competencies that can be measured during the hiring process, as well as the positive outcomes when individuals frequently display emotionally intelligent workplace behaviors. We asked you to consider these points from your business and management perspective. Debbie Muno In this article, we’ll discuss these competencies from the employee’s perspective, and… Read More

Emotional Intelligence Requirements for Technician and Dispatcher Positions in the HVAC Industry

Contributed by Debbie Muno, The EI Academy Welcome to the fourth installment of Emotional Intelligence in the HVAC industry. We’ve been talking about what Emotional Intelligence is (making intelligent responses to negative feelings and using specific skills to generate positive emotions in yourself, and others) along with the fact that our emotions are an integral part of being human, and so it’s impossible to “check them at the door” when we get to work. In… Read More
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