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Ship & Shore Environmental Introduces the Korozon System as a Novel Solution for Pathogen Disinfection

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, businesses worldwide remain highly concerned and invested in protecting their staff and customers from potential infection. Leveraging their many years of leadership in clean air solutions and industrial air pollution control, Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc. (S&SE) today announces the official launch of the Korozon System, a unique product line under the Ship & Shore Technologies (SST) subsidiary. The Korozon System is… Read More

Carrier Launches Healthy Buildings Program to Help Customers Reinvent Their Buildings for Occupant Health

As people around the world adjust to a new normal, the health of our buildings – and how they influence personal health – is critically important. Today, Carrier introduced its Healthy Buildings Program, an expanded suite of advanced solutions to help deliver healthy, safe, efficient and productive indoor environments across key verticals including commercial buildings, healthcare, hospitality, education, retail and marine. In support of this, Carrier today also launched Corporate.Carrier.com/HealthyBuildings to help customers consult with… Read More

Priming Your Business for Success after COVID-19

By Bruce Wiseman Back in January 2020 nobody could have predicted how COVID-19 would pull the rug out from under so many small businesses. As the dust finally settles and the recovery begins, we’re still waiting to see the true extent of the economic damage inflicted by the pandemic. Bruce Wiseman COVID-19 caught many HVAC contractors flat-footed by hitting them in the first quarter when cash was already in short supply. Cash has always been… Read More

Indoor Air Hygiene Solution Center Combines Expertise from Industry Leaders to Help Reduce Viral Spread as the World Re-Opens

The leading Indoor Air Quality experts within Madison Industries have joined forces to launch the Indoor Air Hygiene Solution Center at IndoorAirHygiene.com to further their shared mission to make the world safer, healthier and more productive in the fight against COVID-19. This free resource will help people open their doors with confidence and maintain healthy indoor spaces moving forward—from universities and school districts to businesses and medical facilities. Kris Howard, Group President, Filtration Group Indoor… Read More

Commercial Building Air Filtration During COVID-19: Camfil USA Air Filtration Expert Explains MERV-13 Air Filters

Camfil has been invited to consult on articles for major news networks following widespread air filtration mandates for publicly accessible buildings. With decades of experience in highly sensitive air filtration applications including biosafety, healthcare, and the food and beverage industry,  Camfil’s knowledge and expertise is an important tool amidst the confusion surrounding the topic. But one of the downsides of media coverage is that it’s sometimes difficult to fully explain complex, scientific issues in the… Read More

Baker Brothers Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electrical Protecting DFW with Anti-COVID-19 Air Filtration Systems

With news of the coronavirus’ airborne droplets being able to be neutralized via advanced filtration, Baker Brothers Plumbing, Air & Electric is responding by affording Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners state-of-the-art HVAC testing and Next-Gen products to combat the pandemic. The Baker Brothers team As the virus re-surges throughout Texas and parts of America, infectious disease experts are learning that COVID-19 can be contracted by inhaling tiny, invisible particles that hang in stagnant air for hours. A recent investigation by ABC’s Good Morning America revealed… Read More