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Berkeys Plumbing, A/C and Electrical Protecting DFW with Anti-Covid-19 Air Filtration Systems

With news of the coronavirus’ airborne droplets being able to be neutralized via advanced filtration, Berkeys Plumbing, A/C and Electrical is responding by affording Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners state-of-the-art HVAC and Next-Gen products to help combat the pandemic. As the virus re-surges throughout Texas and parts of America, infectious disease experts are learning that COVID-19 can be contracted by inhaling tiny, invisible particles that hang in stagnant air for hours. A recent investigation by ABC’s Good… Read More

Carrier Launches Higher-Capacity OptiClean Air Scrubber for Healthy Indoor Air Quality in K-12 Schools

As schools make plans and take precautions for reopening in the fall, Carrier today announced the launch of its OptiCleanTM 1500-cfm Dual-Mode Air Scrubber & Negative Air Machine, ideal for helping to maintain clean and healthy indoor air quality in classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, gymnasiums, restrooms and more. The new unit joins the existing OptiClean 500-cfm unit, which was launched in April to help create infectious isolation rooms in hospitals treating COVID-19 patients and is now… Read More

Bell & Gossett, Wallace Eannace Go the Extra Mile as Essential Businesses

As business priorities have been shifting during recent months, essential businesses such as Xylem Bell & Gossett and its manufacturers’ representatives are responding to the changing times by supplying assistance on many fronts in communities across the United States. “In these trying times, Xylem and Bell & Gossett reps have stepped up to the plate to help American cities, their facilities and, most importantly, their people,” said Susan O’Grady, director of marketing — Commercial Buildings… Read More

Filti Launches N95-Quality HVAC Filters to Help Keep Homes Safe

What if you could install an N95 mask for your home? Today, with the launch of the 9500 Home Filter from Filti, an air filtration and nanofiber technology company, homeowners are one step closer to doing exactly that. The patent-pending 9500 Home Filter is an HVAC filter constructed using nanofiber technology, an N95-quality material that is proven to filter 95% of aerosolized, airborne particles – like COVID-19… Read More

Sustainability and the “New Normal”

By Tom Murray Last month we talked about the new normal, a post-pandemic time that will be characterized by behavioral change and societal shifts, some annoying, others defining, as we come back on line and learn to live with COVID-19 and its unwelcomed but expected cousins.  To me, it’s like that annoying relative whom you have to invite to Christmas dinner.  He commandeers the conversation telling anyone who will listen how they should change their… Read More

New Evap-Fresh Ready-to-Use Spray Fights Viruses

Nu-Calgon has launched a new pump spray version of Evap-Fresh No Rinse coil cleaner and disinfectant. The ready-to-use liquid spray is a non-abrasive, one-step cleaner and disinfectant for evaporator coils in small air conditioners, commercial air handling equipment, HVAC cooling coils and refrigeration equipment. It is the first product of its kind in the industry to receive EPA registration for such claims. Although Evap-Fresh is highly effective at cleaning and controlling mold and mildew on… Read More