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Indoor Air Quality is Crucial to Public Health and Safety as Buildings Reopen During Pandemic and Second Wave is Anticipated

In light of COVID-19’s worldwide impact, schools, office buildings, hospitality venues, and shopping centers are among those adapting to new protocols in an effort to reopen responsibly. Following CDC guidelines to keep employees and visitors healthy and ensuring they can continue working can be a cumbersome task for those managing buildings of any size. A comprehensive guide, Facilities Management Volume 2, is now available to help organizational leaders and facilities managers… Read More

Technology is the Lifeline for Essential Workers during COVID-19 Pandemic

By Carri Norton, Trane When the COVID-19 pandemic made its way to the United States, the HVAC industry, like many essential businesses, found itself in a quandary. How could HVAC technicians remain safe and healthy while delivering necessary services for American homeowners? Essential workers found themselves looking into their hypothetical toolkits to determine how they could help mitigate risk. Carri Norton With COVID-19 precautions affecting how HVAC dealers and technicians operate, technological innovations have provided… Read More

Global Plasma Solutions Virtually Eliminates Static SARS-CoV-2 with Proprietary NPBI Technology

Global Plasma Solutions, the leader in Indoor Air Quality, announced today industry-leading ionization testing results, demonstrating a 99.4% reduction rate on a SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) surface strain within 30 minutes, the first instance in which an air purification company has effectively neutralized SARS-CoV-2. Following initial testing of coronavirus 229E in March 2020, Global Plasma Solutions utilized its proprietary needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI) to inactivate SARS-CoV-2. The study was jointly executed with Aviation Clean Air. Read More

UV Resources RLM System Combines Four Popular UV-C Fixturing Components in “All-in-One” Package

The RLM Xtreme System from UV Resources now offers installing contractors all of the UV-C lamp performance, monitoring and safety components in a single order. The multiple-SKU RLM Xtreme System streamlines ordering and provides facility managers and HVAC contractors with all of the elements necessary to install a comprehensive HVACR efficiency solution. Designed for mid-to-large volume HVACR equipment, the Remote Lamp Mount (RLM) germicidal system offers the industry’s highest UV-C fluence (dosage) and is now… Read More

MGM Adapts to Covid-19

“During this unprecedented time, MGM Products has quickly adapted to all the major changes taking place worldwide. MGM Products has been able to remain open and run at full production meeting the demands of all our customers. Though MGM Products is unsure of what the outcome from the COVID-19 virus outbreak will bring, their goal is to fully support all businesses whether they are considered essential or non-essential. Wayne Raper, MGM Products CEO, and team… Read More

New Healthy Spaces Initiative Forms to Prepare Buildings in the Fight Against Diseases Post-COVID-19

Three engineering and construction firms headquartered in Central Pennsylvania have formed the Healthy Spaces Initiative (HSI), a partnership creating cleaner indoor spaces that mitigate the spread of disease through a combination of advanced technology and proven sanitation products. Founded by Enginuity, and joined by JEM Group and SECCO, the Healthy Spaces Initiative is built on a recognition that the… Read More