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Mid-Atlantic pages sponsorship available

Danfoss Mobile CO2 Training Unit Extends Its U.S. Tour

After tremendous industry response to the Danfoss Mobile CO2 Training Unit in 2018, the unit will extend its stay in the US to give installers, service technicians, and OEM engineers in the Baltimore area another opportunity to receive accessible CO2 refrigeration systems knowledge and training. Danfoss Mobile CO2 Training Unit As applications for CO2 refrigeration systems expand, industry must increase its competences regarding its use. To help address this growing need, Danfoss developed the Mobile… Read More

This Weather Can Be Brutal

I have been traveling through the Mid Atlantic region this month and I can tell you that it has been very cold especially at night. I’m sure most of you are experiencing this weather and noting that it is the time of year for layers of clothing and the use of gloves. With the snowfall and some very low temperatures, it’s is hard to do mundane outside activities. Most of my trips are on the… Read More

Boland’s Breakfast with Trane: Air Handlers and DOAS

On Thursday, November 15th, 2018, Boland hosted Breakfast with Trane: Air Handlers and Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) at the Ritz-Carlton in McLean, VA. Bolands Breakfast with Trane As part of this breakfast, Boland brought in Ronnie Moffitt, Lead Systems Engineer with Trane, who specializes in designing energy efficient air handling systems. With more than 20 years of experience, Ronnie travels the world to share his expertise as a consultant to design engineers and sales… Read More

Meet Some New People and Socialize

There are great advantages that can be gained by meeting new people and using social skills. Sometimes we need to meet new people in order to build business or just to do our jobs properly. Maybe you transferred to a new department, or you took a job in another town or a new company, or you need to make friends at a different location. Whatever the case, you now find yourself in a situation where… Read More
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