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Carbon Monoxide: Three Excuses Not to Measure Carbon Monoxide

By David Richardson Welcome to the beginning of 2021. Many people will start this new year with a resolution to improve their personal or professional life. Often, these promises focus on fitness, health, or finances. Unfortunately, most people drop their resolutions before February. For a resolution to stick, there must be a desire to change. After all, why go through the hassle if you’re comfortable with the way things are? Some HVAC companies… Read More

How Autonomous Robots Can Simplify HVAC Manufacturing and Refurbishment

By Robert Ravensbergen Within the community of HVAC installers, manufacturers and contractors, configuration is always a challenge. System design, planning, installation and monitoring are all crucial, while sourcing or refurbishing can be accelerated, plotting any degree of customization for heavy expensive units is never easy. This is primarily because HVAC manufacturing qualifies as “high-mix, low-volume.” This means that HVAC manufacturers produce units in “small” batches – typically less than 1000, but far less than the… Read More

HVAC Tech Tips: Advice for New HVAC Technicians

This content is from HVAC Tech Tips, a CE podcast. The prospect of breaking into the HVAC field can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, with the right level of commitment on your part, the HVAC industry is very accessible—even for novices. Still, it can be helpful to keep some tips in mind as you embark on this new and exciting career. Use Your Resources Perhaps the best piece of advice… Read More

Introducing Refrigeration Simulation from ESCO

All highly effective HVACR service technicians have one thing in common. They have all developed exceptional critical thinking and reasoning skills. One proven way to develop and improve these cognitively grounded skills is by practicing, and ultimately mastering, a series of self-directed and self-actualized exercises that encourage advanced thought process development. Exposing the future and incumbent workforce to scenarios that simulate the very workplace conditions and situations that HVACR technicians commonly encounter in the field,… Read More

Inverter Driven: DFS is VRF

By Dan Applegate Duct-free systems, mini-splits…all now are using inverter drive technology: Electronic Expansion Valves (EEV), driven by computer chips (EEPROM) which also control a variable compressor speed, based on information collected at various touch points throughout the system by thermistors. Thermistors (variable resistance/temperature) measure temperatures at the condenser outlet, compressor discharge and evaporator. Dan Applegate The temperatures are recorded as a partial voltage of the 5vdc returned to the PCB through the thermistor. The… Read More

Carbon Monoxide: Handling Furnace Red Tag Second Opinions

By David Richardson It’s the time of year for furnace red tags now that colder temperatures are here. As homeowners scramble to recover from the news their furnace is being shut down, they often seek a second opinion for confirmation. In this time of panic, many turn to family for referrals or Google for online reviews. The lucky contractor they choose might be you. Here are a few tough questions: When you get… Read More
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