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Carbon Monoxide: Five Skills a Combustion Analyst Needs

By David Richardson Tracking down combustion problems is like chasing ghosts. They’re invisible. They leave virtually no external indicators. If you’re chasing a ghost, you call Ghostbusters. If you’re chasing a combustion problem, you call a Combustion Analyst. Let’s look at what a combustion analyst is and five key skills they need to be successful. What’s a Combustion Analyst? Combustion Analysts are a specially trained breed of HVAC technicians who have a deep understanding… Read More

SpeedClean Offers Tips on Conducting Spring Cleaning Within Your HVAC Business

During the spring, many technicians encourage homeowners and businesses to perform routine maintenance on their cooling system to ensure the equipment runs efficiently. Similar to HVAC systems, businesses need regular check-ins. From operations to marketing, SpeedClean is offering a few tips for conducting spring cleaning within your own HVAC business practices. “It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations, but the industry and best practices for HVAC marketing are continually evolving… Read More

Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization Just Gets Better and Better

The manufacturers of needlepoint ionization products are continuing to make improvements to help the end user. Some examples are: Almost no size restriction: A single power supply can serve six 12 foot long bars. Bruce Longino, PE, LEED AP This can cover a 150,000 CFM Air Handler. The ions shoot out of the recessed carbon fiber brushes spaced a ½ inch on centers, so fast that they will cover cooling coils up to 60 inches… Read More

HVAC Tape 101: See What’s Trending at Shurtape’s

When it comes to HVAC tapes, there are about as many options to choose from as there are myths and misconceptions about which one is best, how to apply, and more. That’s why we’re on a mission to reveal the truth about these must-have tools. At Shurtape, we know tape. And we are dedicated to providing you with the resources you need – from our comprehensive portfolio of HVAC tapes that are engineered to deliver… Read More
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