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Carbon Monoxide: Four Draft Pressure Tests You Can Use Daily

By David Richardson Last month we looked at draft pressure measurement fundamentals. At the end of the article, I mentioned four draft pressure tests that will help you identify safety issues. Let’s look at these measurements and how you can use them to better diagnose potential carbon monoxide (CO) problems. Draft Testing Safety Before you perform any draft test, measure CO from the equipment to verify safe operation. If CO is over 400 ppm… Read More

Carbon Monoxide: How to Perform a Draft Pressure Test

By David Richardson Draft testing is an essential skill you need to diagnose carbon monoxide (CO) problems. Draft is the force that controls combustion air to the burner. Your job is to assure draft pressure is kept within specific boundaries. Be careful, however. Certain assumptions about draft can lead you to misdiagnose a combustion problem. For example, industry standards assume that equal amounts of flue gas and room air always move through the venting… Read More

How Geothermal Technologies and the HVAC Industry Can Work Together

By Kevin Burns Green HVAC technologies are on the rise, and the market for them will only continue to expand over the next few years. The HVAC industry has been an early adopter of new technologies since the first days of residential and commercial air conditioning in the early 20th century and when it comes to integrating green technologies, specifically the renewable resource of geothermal energy, it is once again ahead of the game. What… Read More

Fire, Smoke and Radiation Damper Installation Guide for HVAC

Since SMACNA published the first edition of the “Fire, Smoke and Radiation Damper Installation for HVAC Systems” many changes have occurred in concepts of fire protection. Emphasis on use of duct systems in engineered smoke control modes as outlined in ASHRAE and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) publications is now a key consideration for HVAC system engineers. Such concepts depart from the traditional practice of automatic shutdown of duct systems and create new perspectives on… Read More