Carrier Commercial Equipment Upgrade Saves California School District More than Two Hundred Thousand Dollars in Energy Costs

The Fontana Unified School District is saving thousands of dollars in energy costs annually and has improved the classroom environment thanks to Carrier’s installation of 201 high-efficiency WeatherExpert™ 48/50LC roof top units (RTUs) at four different schools. With the project currently at the midway point, the district is saving approximately $210,000 in energy costs – an amount that’s expected to double when another 200 rooftop systems are installed next summer. Carrier, a world leader in… Read More

Shannon Reusable Insulation Saves $1M for George Mason University

Shannon Enterprises of W.N.Y. Inc., the world-leading designer and maker of reusable thermal and acoustic insulation, has helped George Mason University save more than $1 million since 2009 with an insulation solution for the university’s heating and cooling system. The university’s energy manager calculated the milestone based on annual energy savings accumulated from using a self-contained, reusable insulation system. From 2009 to 2017, George Mason University’s… Read More

Carbon Monoxide: Four Visual Clues of Water Heater Flue Gas Spillage

By David Richardson It’s easy to unknowingly walk by a gas water heater that could be potentially dangerous. You would never know it unless you undergo proper training, have and use the right test instruments, and then tested the water heater for safe operation. If you know what to look for, there are four visual clues you can use right now. The clues we’ll discuss here are warnings that unsafe operation may be occurring, and… Read More

Winter Carbon Monoxide Reminder

By Rick Kincel As homes are being built tighter down in the Deep South the threat of trapping (CO) Carbon Monoxide in these homes has become increasingly real. Our mindset has to change from the floor heaters we had all around grandma’s home venting into the rooms. Because new homes are tighter, the heater, water heater, stove, oven, fireplace, etc. are even more important to have checked out for a combustion analysis. Gone are the… Read More