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Carbon Monoxide: Which Combustion Gases Are You?

By David Richardson Each combustion gas has traits that parallel many behaviors and attitudes people have. Some of them are positive and beneficial, while others are negative and dangerous. Let’s look at five combustion gas traits and see how they parallel many behaviors and attitudes you might recognize in yourself and others. Keep in mind, just as the combustion process is a mixture of various gases, we’re a mixture of personality traits and behaviors. Read More

When Specifying Boilers, Design Details Matter

By John Miller, Senior Product Manager, Weil-McLain Whether for a single family home, large-scale apartment complex, or commercial or industrial facility, installing a boiler system is a significant investment requiring thoughtful consideration to ensure heating comfort, reliability and efficiency for years to come. Building owners, facility managers, engineers and contractors seek systems that meet specification requirements, installation ease, serviceability, reliability, lower operating costs and higher performance. Once these major parameters are met, buyers also should… Read More

Carbon Monoxide: Three Rules to Protect Yourself from CO Poisoning in a Hotel

By David Richardson If you travel or vacation during the year, you may unknowingly expose yourself to the risk of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. I live by a set of rules while traveling to protect myself and my family. Let’s look at these guidelines and see how they might help you before you hit the road. When I travel, I pack a low-level CO monitor in my backpack. I use the Sensorcon Inspector –… Read More

What Does ADC Mean by a Certified R-Value?

In the early days of insulated flexible duct, each manufacturer published their individual thermal values (R-Value) using various methods and test standards which caused confusion in the marketplace. Over time engineers, contractors and code officials required a standardized method to correctly determine and compare flex duct thermal values. The Air Duct Council (ADC), the association of North American flexible duct manufacturers, determined early in its formation that flex duct R-Values needed to be consistent throughout… Read More
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