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Aircuity Announces Release of WELL Building Standard Vodcast

Aircuity, (www.aircuity.com), creator of measurably better environments, announces the release of its new educational vodcast. This vodcast discusses the WELL Building Standard, the effects of the indoor environment on well-being and the important Air Concept. The rapidly growing WELL Building Standard explores how design, operations and behaviors within the places where we live, work, learn and play can be optimized to advance human health and well-being. IWBI’s Angela Spangler hosts the vodcast and walks through… Read More

Is Your University Building Ventilated Like It’s 1978?

By Mr. Tom Kolsun   Is your university building ventilated like it’s 1978? And, why would you care? Health Did you know that humans breathe over 11,000 liters of air a day? Your staff and students will likely spend around 2000 hours per year breathing the air in campus buildings.  Would you drink 900,000 liters of water if I said, “I actually have no idea what’s in it or how long it has been sitting… Read More

Carbon Monoxide: Be Thankful for the Mentors in Your Life

By David Richardson In September 2019, I found out that Jim Haney – director of the Bluegrass and Great Lakes HVAC Insider newspapers planned to retire. This caused me to reflect on the 12 years that I’ve been writing for him and the opportunity he first gave me. This month I’m going to stray from my normal CO (carbon monoxide) and combustion topics to share the influence that Jim had on an HVAC guy… Read More

Carbon Monoxide: The First Line of Defense Against Carbon Monoxide

By David Richardson The news media frequently promotes store-bought carbon monoxide (CO) alarms as the first line of defense against CO poisoning. It’s an easy position to take since there is no accountability. Plug the alarm into a receptacle and you’re protected, right? What if the CO alarm sounds? Many suggest that you call the fire department or gas company. Once they arrive, the house is usually aired out. The mysterious CO leak isn’t… Read More
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