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The “Law of Unintended Consequences” – How a Service Part Can “Kill” the Compressor

Products Affected: Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Compressors When the motor-run capacitor fails, the capacitance of the Hard-Start Kit is still connected to the compressor. With the Hard-Start Kit still connected, this will allow the compressor to start and run without the motor-run capacitor. The compressor was not designed to run without the motor-run capacitor, and it will overheat and lead to compressor failure. It’s estimated that between 2 to 3 million motor-run capacitors fail each… Read More

Carbon Monoxide: When to Test the Intake of Condensing Equipment

By David Richardson Those who conduct combustion tests regularly understand how frustrating it can be to identify the source of unstable CO (carbon monoxide) and O2 (oxygen) readings. If you’re testing a direct-vent (two-pipe) 90% condensing furnace, a simple test can help you eliminate one potential cause of unstable combustion – flue gas recirculation. Often you may see visual clues of recirculation such as, rusting in the burner compartment and condensation, but don’t know… Read More

Vent Those Hot Attics Carefully

By Paul Scelsi The homeowner makes the phone call to the HVAC contractor because the air conditioning system isn’t cooling the house like it should or it’s not working at all. During the service call, the HVAC contractor might discover that besides fixing the air conditioning system, the attic ventilation could use some attention. That’s a likely possibility because in our poll of residential roofing contractors across North America spring 2019, 77% of the homes… Read More

Carbon Monoxide: Backdrafting and Spillage

By David Richardson What is the difference between backdrafting and “spillage” in natural draft equipment? These two terms are often used interchangeably even though they have different meanings. This leads to a lot of confusion and incorrect diagnoses in the field. Let’s look at differences between the two. Backdrafting Backdrafting is a reversal of the ordinary direction of airflow in a chimney or flue when vented combustion appliances are operating. In chapter 34 of… Read More
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