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Emerson Technologies Selected for Geothermal Clean Energy Production

HITA, a deep geothermal energy company in Belgium, has selected global software and technology leader Emerson (NYSE: EMR) as a key technology provider in the discovery and development of geothermal energy sources in Northern Belgium. Emerson’s geological and reservoir modeling software will help reduce risk in selecting locations for renewable geothermal energy projects, increasing the safety and reliability of construction and operation while enabling long-term sustainable energy production from the earth’s heat. Climate change policies… Read More

Inverter Driven Voltages, Part 2

Not too long ago VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) was making the news in the energy-savings arena, but VFD is only economically feasible on larger, commercial/industrial applications. Proving great energy savings on the commercial side couldn’t translate to the residential energy concerns simply due to the capital costs involved in the VF drive. The inverter drive is quite like the VFD, but different in that the motors controlled are essentially DC-powered electro-magnets driving permanent, shaft-mounted magnets… Read More

Carbon Monoxide: What Do You Know? Four Package Unit Inspections That Expose CO Safety Issues

Most HVAC technicians don’t think about CO (carbon monoxide) while they’re working on a package unit in 90°F heat. They know that getting the cooling back on is the top priority. However, as a professional technician, don’t forget that health and safety are also top priorities. Here are some quick checks you can do with your summer service procedures that could expose potential CO safety issues. Let’s look at four inspections that may reveal hidden… Read More

Carbon Monoxide: What Do You Know? Duct Connections that Kill Airflow and Heat Exchangers

In the middle of the summer heat, you probably aren’t thinking much about cracked heat exchangers. However, airflow is essential year-round in our industry. If you encounter systems with low cooling airflow, chances are high you also have messed up heating airflow. David Richardson, NCI Trainer Low airflow through a furnace forces it to operate outside of manufacturer specifications. The heat exchanger overheats and may lead to premature equipment failure. Let’s look at some issues… Read More

Inverter Driven – Voltages, Part 1

Diagnosing inverter drive systems in many cases is easier than diagnosing electro-mechanical/analog systems. The inverter drive will report error codes both external to the device (temperatures at compressor discharge, evaporator, etc) and internal faults (IPM, EEPROM) but the error cause may be ambiguous. An IPM failure could mean more than simply an IPM (inverter power module) failure; it could be that the converter has failed or that one or more IGBTs (switching transistors) have failed. Read More

One Engineer’s Opinion: Why You Should Use Product-Integrated Direct Digital Controls

The product integrated controls that I am speaking of are Direct Digital Controls that are factory-installed in HVAC equipment. One of the major benefits of DDC Controls is that they can be monitored from computers or smart phones. Bruce Longino, PE, LEED AP Many years ago, building owners hesitated to specify product integrated controls because they were proprietary. The manufacturer of the HVAC equipment could charge what they wanted and the owner was stuck. However,… Read More