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Carbon Monoxide: Passive Combustion Air Revisited

By David Richardson Our industry is taught to cut openings into buildings and assume they provide combustion air for fuel-fired equipment. The problem with this thinking is that air follows its own rules which dictate where it goes. Let’s revisit passive combustion air – a topic we take for granted. Airflow Rules Airflow is very particular and follows some basic rules; here are three examples: Hot air rises, cold air falls. Higher pressure goes to… Read More

One Engineer’s Opinion: Let’s Make Changes Now to Prevent a Fresh Water Crisis

By Bruce Longino Rooftop Unit Systems I just read on page 7 of the Industry News in July 2018 ASHRAE a short article titled “Fresh Water Recovery System from Cooling Towers.” This article said “about 39% of all the fresh water withdrawn to be used in the U.S. is earmarked for the cooling needs of electric power plants.” I know the ASHRAE Journal is careful about what it publishes; therefore, this could be accurate. Bruce… Read More

Venstar’s Skyport Cloud Services Gives Lomack Service Corp. Remote Access to Customers’ Wi-Fi Thermostats and a New Revenue Stream

Venstar® recently announced that its Skyport Cloud Services is being used by San Diego-based Lomack Service Corp. to remotely control its customers’ ColorTouch® and Explorer® Wi-Fi® thermostats, generating a new revenue stream for the business. Founded in 1961 and owned by Mark Wildonger since 1990, Lomack provides HVAC services to residential and light commercial customers, such as retail shops, medical offices and small manufacturing plants. “Using Venstar’s Skyport Cloud Services, we are able to remotely… Read More

What Does ADC Mean by a Certified R-Value?

In the early days of insulated flexible duct, each manufacturer published their individual thermal values (R-Value) using various methods and test standards which caused confusion in the marketplace. Over time engineers, contractors and code officials required a standardized method to correctly determine and compare flex duct thermal values. The Air Duct Council (ADC), the association of North American flexible duct manufacturers, determined early in its formation that flex duct R-Values needed to be consistent throughout… Read More