The Importance of Proper Grounding with Mini-split Installations

By Gerry Wagner Are you grounded? I have been concerned…VERY concerned…about what I call “mystery issues” which come up with inverter based mini splits more often than is acceptable. You all know what I’m talking about…erratic compressor operation, inaccurate setpoint maintenance, premature component failure and other issues which often times have no obvious cause. I see piles of control boards returned as defective that when replaced, still had the same phantom problem as before. Gerry… Read More

Modine Provides Spring Maintenance Checklist for HVAC Equipment

Modine Manufacturing Company (NYSE: MOD), a leader in technology in the HVAC industry, has released a commercial HVAC maintenance checklist to help commercial property owners, facility managers and contractors keep their equipment running smooth this summer. The two-page document, available at, covers general spring maintenance, including what to look for, how to correct any potential issues, and the possible consequences of neglect, for: Filters, Belts, Electrical connections and components, Coils, Drains and drain pans. Read More

Combining Thermal Imaging with Moisture Meter Gives Contractors Super Powers

By Jason Cameron For many years, utilities and large companies used thermal imaging to uncover potential heat problems across large areas and to keep track of heavy machinery. But more recently, thermal imaging has truly become a game changer for most contractors and others in the building trades. Thermal cameras help contractors find and document energy loss and other problems they could not otherwise easily find. This saves them time and money – which ultimately… Read More

One Engineer’s Opinion: Tax Savings Help Pay for Strategic Upgrades for Commercial HVAC Systems

By Bruce Longino Rooftop Unit Systems I cannot tell you how many times I see 20-year or so RTU systems retrofitted with replacement units of the same tonnage as the original units. This is lazy and a waste of the Owners first cost money and operating cost money. Bruce Longino, PE, LEED AP In a commercial building designed 20 years ago, the major air conditioning loads came from lights, outside air and people. Because of… Read More