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Carbon Monoxide: Don’t be Misled by a One-Time Carbon Monoxide Measurement

By David Richardson Can a single CO (carbon monoxide) measurement in equipment flue gas give you enough information to verify safe operation? There are protocols and procedures in place that currently teach this as an effective verification method, but is it the best way? Let’s look at why a single CO measurement might be misleading and what else you need to make it complete. The Numbers Tell a Story One truth of proper combustion is… Read More

Carbon Monoxide: Beware of These Five Mistakes When Testing for Carbon Monoxide

By David Richardson Many commonly used carbon monoxide (CO) test procedures in our industry are based on some disturbing assumptions. This can lead to overlooking some serious problems. Unfortunately, both HVAC contractors and their customers are then left with a false sense of security. Let’s look at five common mistakes that lead to misdiagnosing a CO issue and how you can avoid them. Incorrect Test Locations Proper test locations are essential when diagnosing a CO… Read More

Choosing Heat Load Calculating Software

By Brent J. Driskill In my last article I emphasized the importance of calculating a heat load when changing out major A/C equipment components, or if you’re not sure about the sizing of an A/C system that’s not cooling properly. Brent J. Driskill The unfortunate reasons I’ve been given for service techs not calculating heat loads over the past decades, has been that the programs available are not user friendly. And to a certain point,… Read More

From Warehouse to Factory Floor: Johnson Controls-Hitachi Achieves Important Efficiency Increases with a MiR200 Robot

The multinational manufacturer of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning products deploys a MiR200 autonomous mobile robot in its Barcelona plant to deliver parts and materials to one of its newest production lines and pick up packaging materials for disposal. Johnson Controls-Hitachi plant in Spain Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning’s manufacturing plant in Spain, located in the town of Vacarisses close to Barcelona, has been making air conditioning units for industrial and commercial use,… Read More