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What to Look For in a HVAC Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor

Outdoor air temperature sensors (OAT) should possess the following qualities: Robustness – radiation shield mount should ideally be made of corrosion resistant metal for strength and longevity and white in color to prevent overheating of the OAT sensor on sunny days. Easy mounting – sensor and radiation shield mount should permit easy pole mounting and wall mounting. The mount should position the OAT sensor at least 8 inches (20 cm) from the mounting surface or… Read More

Humidity Versus Relative Humidity

By Rick Kincel, Coburn Supply Please remember as we begin our summer season that the %RH on the thermostat does not directly tell you the amount of Humidity in the home. Relative Humidity % is the amount of Moisture in the air compared to how much Moisture the air can hold at any given temperature. So if moisture is water (in gallons), and temperature is a bucket (in gallons) we can see the relationship. Read More

Carbon Monoxide: Don’t Forget CO Awareness When Relaxing

By David Richardson As the temperature increases, it’s easy to forget about carbon monoxide (CO), as we’re focused on enjoying vacation time and the great outdoors. Don’t be tricked into thinking CO is only a winter-time problem – the potential for poisoning exists year-round. As you relax with your family this summer, be aware of the following locations and sources. Remembering them might prevent an unexpected emergency. Hotels Hotels have long been at… Read More

Heat Loads Mean Additional Business

By Brent J. Driskill You just finished the replacement installation of a new condensing unit a couple of weeks ago, and your customer called back today complaining of high humidity, and, unusual dampness throughout the home, but they’re elated because the new unit hardly operates. Brent J. Driskill You think to yourself that maybe the unit lost some refrigerant or there is a restriction in the system. Surely it can’t be anything else because you… Read More