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Cementex Announces Range of T-Handle Tools Including Hex Wrenches, 6-Point Socket Wrenches, and Drivers

Cementex, the safety tool specialists, announces the availability of its T-Handle Driver Tools, including Hex Head Wrenches, 6-Point Socket Wrenches, and Drives. All of the T-Handle tools incorporate the superior Cementex 2-layer insulation system and solid core handle to distribute pressure evenly through the gloved hand. Made in the USA featuring hardened American steel, the T-Handle tools rigid construction prevents twisting and flexing while providing the quality customers rely on from Cementex as the industry… Read More

Cutting Fiberglass Insulation: Slice Leads the Way with a Safer, More Durable Insulation Knife

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, cuts and lacerations to the hands and fingers are among the top work-related injuries. These injuries can result in time away from work for the employee, and higher insurance rates for the employer. Surprisingly, many of these injuries are preventable with proper training and tools. Manual industrial knife with compatible blades. Companies worldwide use tools like box cutters, utility knives and blades regularly for different purposes. The… Read More

Despite 2020 Industry Challenges, NAVAC Sees Impressive 50% Distributor Participation in “Business Reset” Promotion

NAVAC, the world’s largest supplier of HVAC vacuum pumps in addition to a wide array of tools, gauges, charging machines, recovery units and other industry-specific items, experienced unprecedented distributor participation rates in a special Business Reset Promotion providing significant discounts (up to 21%) on the company’s full line of products. NAVAC reports that vacuum pumps and recovery units were especially popular, though its other HVAC tools also were well-represented. The reaction from distributors significantly exceeded… Read More

Fieldpiece Introduces the Job Link System Dual Port Manometer Kit

The revolutionary new JL3KM2 Job Link® System Manometer probes give HVACR pros the freedom to work the way you want to — unrestricted by hoses, so you get readings from optimal locations on every system, every time. JL3KM2 Job Link® System Manometer probes with app illustration. Unlike traditional dual port manometers, Fieldpiece’s revolutionary untethered design lets you place each probe independently in exact locations, to see up to 8 reliable pressure readings at once* —… Read More

FLIR Announces the TG165-X Thermal Camera with Added Patented MSX Image Enhancement

FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) announced the TG165-X MSX® Thermal Camera for electrical contractors, machine technicians, facilities maintenance engineers, home inspectors, and HVAC professionals. Engineered for tough work environments, this upgrade to the popular TG165 provides an all-in-one diagnostics tool with a spot temperature gun and thermal imager, enhanced by FLIR’s patented Multi-spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX). “With the addition of MSX, the TG165-X offers improved identification of hot spots that indicate electrical or mechanical failures,… Read More

RIDGID RP 342-XL Press Tool Allows Contractors to Press Any Material in Every Size

One tool. Any material. Every size. Those are the capabilities of the new RIDGID® RP 342-XL Press Tool. No two jobs are created equal, but the RIDGID RP 342-XL Press Tool is built for them all: Its lightweight design packs major power and boasts the widest range of applications of any press tool. Now you can press ½” to 4” copper, stainless steel and carbon steel pipe, and ½” to 2” PEX pipe – in… Read More
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