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Ex6 Layout Squares with Two-in-One Design Lead New Product Line from Crescent

Professionals appreciate when one tool can take the place of two. The new Crescent® Ex6 Layout Square does that through an innovative design feature, providing the functionality of a 7-inch square and a 12-inch square in one package. The Ex6 (product No. LSSP6) accomplishes this through its patent-pending foldout extension arm, extending the straight edge from 6 to 12 inches. An easy-to-access thumb lock makes it easy to swing the extension arm out and then… Read More

RectorSeal Introduces LineShot Tool for Clearing Blocked HVAC/R Condensate Lines

RectorSeal®, Houston, a leading manufacturer of quality HVAC/R tools and accessories, introduces LineShot™, the HVAC industry’s only CO2 pressurized condensate line flushing tool designed specifically for Safe-T-Switch®, All-Access™ and other brands of access cleanout fittings on air conditioning systems. LineShot is a 5-1/2-inch-long (140-mm), lightweight hand-held reusable tool that dispenses a 250-psi (17.2-bar) pressurized burst from a recyclable CO2 cartridge (sold separately) to flush debris from blocked condensate drain lines. The ergonomic handle-shaped body features… Read More

Badger Meter Introduces Versatile Ultrasonic Flow and Energy Meter at WEFTEC 2019

Badger Meter, a leading global innovator and manufacturer of flow measurement, control and communications solutions, today announced the introduction of the Dynasonics® TFX-5000 ultrasonic clamp-on flow and energy meters at the Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) 2019. Designed for non-invasive, ultrasonic transit time measurement, the meters are ideal for use in water and wastewater treatment, Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC) and oil and gas applications. The Dynasonics TFX-5000 Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow and Energy… Read More

IRWIN Unveils Next Generation Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades

IRWIN®, a leading manufacturer of innovative hand tools and power tool accessories, announces the launch of its next generation Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade range that is MADE STRONGER. LASTS LONGER.™* Proudly made in the USA with global materials, these blades are crafted for optimal efficiency with precision set teeth that enable fast, smooth cuts. In addition, these saw blades feature a high-speed steel cutting edge that extends cutting life, while a spring steel backing edge… Read More

RectorSeal Introduces Plumber’s Mate Absorbent Pads for Preventing Plumbing/HVAC Jobsite Water Damage

RectorSeal® LLC, Houston, a leading manufacturer of quality plumbing and HVAC/R products, introduces Plumber’s Mate®, a patented ultra-absorbent utility pad designed for plumbers and HVAC hydronic technicians to protect property from damaging jobsite water drips, spills and accidents during installation and repairs. The Plumber’s Mate 8.25 (H) x 7.5 (W) x 2.5 (D)-inch (21 x 19 x 6-mm) plastic bag packaging includes six absorbent pads that each unfold to 24 x 24-inches (61 x 61-mm)… Read More

Crescent Launches New Line of Durable Tool Storage Bags

For something that has a significant job, tool bags have earned a reputation as being fairly insignificant. Tradesmen buy them, beat them up for a few months, and before you know it, the zippers don’t work and you’re missing tools that fell through holes in the bottom. Discard. Replace. Repeat. Crescent Tools is introducing a new line of tool bags that are designed to withstand heavy usage in unforgiving environments, alleviating the cost and hassle… Read More