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Cementex Announces New Digital Voltage Phasing Meter Set

Cementex, the safety tool specialists, announces the new Digital Voltage Phasing Meter Set, ideal for measuring overhead and underground voltages. The new Digital Voltage Phasing Meter Set handles 0–40 kilovolts (kV) and can be used on higher voltages up to 240 kV if used with additional pairs of extension resistors. The device automatically adjusts the voltage display to match resistors if used. With three operation modes, AC, Hi-Pot, and DC, the Digital Voltage Phasing Meter… Read More

Makita Raises the Bar with Impact XPS™, the Industry’s New Leading Line of Bits and Fastening Accessories

Makita U.S.A., Inc., the innovation leader in power tools, outdoor power equipment and accessories, has released Impact XPS™, the industry’s new leading line of bits and fastening accessories. Impact XPS will shake up the fastening accessory category with insert bits and power bits engineered to last up to 90-times longer than standard bits. The entire Impact XPS line offers 117 skus, including insert bits, power bits, insert bit holders, magnetic nutsetters, sockets, and socket adapters. Read More

Harris Products Merchandising Programs Provide Value and Convenience for Wholesalers, HVAC Technicians and Plumbers

The Harris Products Group offers a full line of brazing and soldering consumables and equipment that HVAC technicians and plumbers use every day on the job. Along with these American-made, trusted products, Harris provides merchandising programs that can generate additional revenue for wholesalers and provide convenience for their customers. Harris serves the HVAC and plumbing market with high quality brazing alloys and fluxes, solder and fluxes, oxy-fuel equipment, air-fuel equipment and fuel gases. Product names… Read More

Warren Controls ValveWorks Program Improves Sizing and Selection Process

Warren Controls, a leading manufacturer of control valves and specialty fluid handling products, created its state-of-the-art ValveWorks® program to improve the sizing and selection process for globe and rotary control valves based on the ISA 75.01 international standard. An exclusive program, Warren Controls’ ValveWorks® is an easy-to-use online system that safely maps out users’ solutions based on application requirements and process conditions. Control valves are sized accurately for optimum control, providing minimal energy loss and… Read More

Gear Keeper – One Tether for All of Your Tools!

Why bring the entire tool bag when just a tool pouch will do? When working aloft and applications move from requiring a single tool to multiple tools, Gear Keeper’s new RT4-5602 retractable tether is the only tether you will need. Simply attach additional inexpensive lanyards with female fittings to all tools needed for the project. Safely avoiding at-heights entanglement issues from multiple dangling tethers, the new low-profile RT4-5602 retractable tether sits close to the body… Read More

New Crescent Pipe Wrenches Grip and Turn from the Tough Angles Plumbers Frequently Face

Most plumbers would agree that you rarely get a nice, clean, open workspace to tackle a job. They need the leverage of a pipe wrench, but they often have to do it from a harsh angle that reduces that leverage drastically. The result is a wrench that slips off its target and a job that takes twice as long to get done. That’s why Crescent Tools—one of the most trusted brands of professional hand tools—developed… Read More