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Choice Refrigerants Unveils New Sustainable R-421A Choice Refrigerant Equipment

Choice Refrigerants also known as RMS of Georgia, recently unveiled its new line of Choice® air-conditioning condensers. Manufactured by Johnson Controls, the new Choice cooling units come in 1½ to 5-ton residential condensing units. It’s the alternative choice to R-410A systems.

Shipped with a dry nitrogen charge, the Choice condensing units are set up to take the sustainable and patented Choice R-421A refrigerant developed and manufactured by Choice Refrigerants to replace the outdated R-22 refrigerant.
Choice cooling systems with R-421A refrigerant is designed to replace only what is needed, as early as possible, getting your customers back up and running with their existing R-22 systems.

R-421A is a unique non-ozone depleting long-term replacement for R22 that is an environmentally “green” refrigerant. R-421A can replace R22 without unit modification and is comparable to R22 in terms of performance across the R22 temperature range. This sustainable refrigerant does not contain a hydrocarbon, such as butane. It can also replace R22 with no change of oil, and can be used in compressors designed for R22. Rated A1 by ASHRAE, it is non-flammable and can be used with mineral, AB or POE oils.

Ken Ponder, Owner/CEO, RMS of Georgia
Ken Ponder, Owner/CEO,
RMS of Georgia

The customers in our industry asked for a choice to help them with specific problems. “Our new equipment line of condensers is ‘the easy choice’ for single or multi-family units”, stated Ken Ponder. “With an R-22 line set already in place, it’s a lot more cost effective just to replace the condenser with our R-421A Choice Refrigerant cooling unit,” said Ken Ponder.

“With multi-family units cost reduction is even greater. With R-410A replacement, all line sets in an apartment setting have to be replaced to be able to handle the high ambient temperature and pressure so as not to rupture a line, it’s a total system replacement. With our system, only parts and the condenser have to be replaced. We provide our customers with a total refrigerants solution,” Ponder went on to say.

RMS of Georgia also offers a full range of services to the HVACR industry, including:

  • Refrigerant reclamation,
  • Refrigerant recovery,
  • Refrigerant analysis,
  • Tank testing,
  • Volume packaging,
  • Refrigerant buy-back,
  • TRAXX refrigerant software,
  • Choice University.

TRAXX Refrigerant Software

Developed by RMS of Georgia, their TRAXX refrigerant software will keep track of all your refrigerants, monitor technician’s recovery activity, and report refrigerant usage for a total recordkeeping system.

TRAXX is a web-based program that offers the convenience of viewing and editing your information from your office, home or mobile device. The interface and navigation is very user friendly, with customized reports that allow you to visualize the amount of recovered refrigerant for any particular time period, with precise totals and graphs that indicate the types and quantities of refrigerant. You can then print and send these reports to your customers for their own records and information.

Those companies with commercial accounts can manage and account for recovered refrigerant across multiple locations.
In addition to recordkeeping, TRAXX also provides you with up-to-date EPA regulations regarding refrigerant handling, in a concise and convenient format. This allows you to be ready if ever audited by the EPA. TRAXX also comes standard with literature on safe recovery practices, as well as printable forms and tags.

TRAXX keeps your data at your fingertips, eliminating the complexity of keeping track of your recovered refrigerant, while providing you with up-to-date buying trends and seasonal activity.

Choice University

In a recent development within the company, RMS of Georgia is leading the way in educating the HVAC community. Referred to as ‘Choice University,’ the company is building a training center to instruct HVAC professionals about reclamation, recovery and the best way to use alternative refrigerants. They ensure a friendly environment where students can learn and then go to their warehouse for hands-on applications.

About RMS of Georgia

For more information about these exciting products and services contact RMS of Georgia at or call 800-347-5872.