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ComfortStar is at Solar Supply in Hammond

Daniel Simpson, Jill Schilling and Richard Siems of the Solar Supply store in Hammond are proud of the ComfortStar Alegria Gold mini splits that they offer to their customers.

Solar Supply in Hammond: Daniel Simpson, Jill Schilling and Richard Siems
Daniel Simpson, Jill Schilling and Richard Siems

Daniel pointed out “the Alegria Gold series has an awesome price that makes them very competitive. Our customers also like that there are virtually no warranty problems.”

Jill added, “Our customers also like that the Alegria units are very quiet both inside and outside. The homeowners and business owners are very impressed with their low noise levels when the units are running.”

Richard said, “Some of their standard features are very impressive, such as inverter technology, low ambient kit, manual switch, interactive display, self-diagnosis, bypass mode, 2-way draining, 3-directional airflow, refrigerant leak detection, mute operation and the remote control ‘Follow Me’ function.”

To learn more about the ComfortStar Alegria Gold mini-split units, visit the Solar Supply Hammond branch and talk to Daniel, Jill, or Richard.