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Delos Advanced Air Purification In-Duct Solutions

December 20, 2022

As a leader of healthy buildings, we work with HVAC distributors, wholesalers, contractors and installers to offer the best air purification solutions on the market.

With our advanced air purification solutions, you can offer exactly what your customers are looking for—and set yourself apart from the competition.

At Delos, we provide scientifically backed in-duct air purification solutions that help you provide better indoor air quality to your clients and can help lower energy costs, saving your customers’ money.

  • Enhanced Air Purification: Our units utilize Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) technology and exceed the MERV 16 threshold requirement with up to 99% efficiency at capturing and removing particles 0.3 -1 microns in size (that’s smaller than a speck of dust).
  • Energy Efficient: Lower pressure drop (comparable to that of conventional MERV 8 filters*) allows higher air flow capacity with lower energy consumption compared to conventional in-duct filters – which can help lower your customers’ energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Longer Filter Life: Our in-duct filters have a longer filter life (replacement needed every 3 years**) compared to conventional in-duct filters (~1-3 months), which may help reduce filter replacement frequency and waste.

Enjoy the Benefits of Flexible Installation

Delos Advanced Air Purification in-duct solutions have a versatile and modular design that allows you to install it on either the supply or return side of the furnace.

Delos works closely with you to evaluate your installation and modular build requirements so our team of air quality experts can recommend the best solution for your project and provide installation training, ensuring a seamless process from concept to completion.

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*Based on a comparison against other filters, measured at a face velocity of 2 m/s. See Bahnfleth, William P. (2022, March 1). Understanding and Applying ASHRAE’s Core Recommendations for Mitigating Aerosol Infection Risk [Webinar]. ASHRAE, ASET, and APEGA.

**Based on in-duct system running at 50% duty cycle