Geothermal Systems, LLC Joins Ferguson HVAC

Geothermal managers, Mike Kelly and Andre Buquoi, are joining the staff of Ferguson.
Mike Kelly and Andre Buquoi

The Ferguson HVAC Southeast business group would like to share some very exciting news regarding Geothermal Systems, LLC of Peachtree City, Georgia. Geothermal Systems, LLC was founded in 2007 by Mark Wallace. In their ten years of business, they have become a renowned geothermal equipment distributor throughout the state of Georgia. Mark and his team, Mike Kelly and Andre Buquoi, have built a tremendous reputation in the marketplace with their expertise, product support and customer service in the geothermal HVAC community.

On January 1, 2018, both Mike Kelly and Andre Buquoi will become part of the Ferguson HVAC team, specifically leading the geothermal product category for the Southeast HVAC business group. The geothermal department for Ferguson HVAC will now be headquartered out of our new Union City, Georgia location located at 6730 Oakley Industrial Boulevard. Over the next 12 months, Geothermal Systems owner, Mark Wallace, will be working with the Ferguson HVAC team to ensure a seamless transition.

“We at Ferguson HVAC, are extremely excited about Geothermal Systems, LLC joining our team and are looking forward to a very strong future in the Geothermal HVAC business,” stated Vance Stillman and Jeremy Barnes, General Managers at Ferguson HVAC Southeast.

Call the Union City Branch at (678) 632-9610, or visit for more information.