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HVAC Contractors: Add Value to Customers and Add to the Bottom Line by Becoming a Modine Coatings Certified Applicator

July 13, 2023

Modine Coatings Spray Applied Aftermarket Offerings Provide Premium Protection to HVAC Systems Against Corrosive Agents

TAMPA, Fla. July 10 – Looking for a way to increase your company’s annual revenue and provide an important service to customers with a proven spray-applied coating? Modine Coatings, a division of Modine [NYSE:MOD] and a leader in corrosion-resistant coatings technology for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry, offers specialized training to become a certified applicator.

“Whether you’re an HVAC contractor providing residential or commercial services, increasing your offerings will not only build your business and allow you to compete for more jobs, but the benefit to your customers is significant,” said Daniel Fisher, Sales Director for Modine Coatings Aftermarket.

Corrosion poses a significant challenge for HVAC systems, especially in demanding environments such as those with high humidity, salt exposure, densely populated urban areas, or chemical contaminants. The application of anti-corrosive coatings acts as a protective barrier, safeguarding critical components from the detrimental effects of corrosion.

“This proactive yet often overlooked measure can help businesses significantly improve the lifespan, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of their HVAC equipment,” said Fisher.

“When it comes to protecting HVAC investment, aftermarket options can provide premium protection against corrosive agents,” Fisher added. “Aftermarket products give facility managers and commercial building owners an option that can be applied on-site by a licensed professional while reaping the same rewards as those who choose to opt for OEM factory-applied coatings.”

The full benefits of HVAC coatings rest on the application process. Improperly applied sprays can affect the entire  unit. The most important effect is that the coil, cabinet, or surface will not be properly protected, and that will cause problems in the future.

“Any unit that is not protected with an anticorrosive is going to have problems. Consider this: When you buy a new car, the car has the perfect paint. What happens if you don’t wash your car in 12 months? The surface of the car begins to lose color, spots begin to form. That is the point that makes the difference. Everything depends on maintenance. Properly applied anti-corrosives can help the unit last three or five times longer,” said Raul Urrea, Field Specialist-Aftermarket at Modine Coatings. “When a building’s HVAC units are well taken care of, they can see years of improved efficiency, limited downtime, and increased energy and maintenance savings.”

Insitu® Spray Applied Corrosion Coating prevents the acceleration of rust, and with good maintenance, customers could extend the life of the unit which of course saves the cost of early replacement. A properly coated system with corrosion protection applied onsite can withstand harsh environments, providing long-term and cost-effective service.

According to Urrea, the treatment will preserve coils and components for the mechanical life of the HVAC unit when the entire unit is sprayed and coated, inside and outside of the cabinet, tubing, and all electrical components.

“For facility managers to get all the benefits of Modine’s Insitu® Spray Applied Corrosion Coating, it is important to use a certified applicator,” he added.

While applying protective coatings offer countless benefits to protect important equipment, there also are other, important benefits to being a Certified Applicator including:

  • Low initial start-up costs
  • Comprehensive employee training and certification program
  • Full technical and marketing support
  • Increased sales revenues
  • Competitive product advantage
  • Expanded offering of products and services
  • Access to Modine’s National Account Program

Modine has a proud industry legacy and has been a worldwide leader in thermal management since 1916. As the industry’s premier coil, cabinet and equipment protective coating company, Modine Coatings offers a complete solution, empowering OEMs, installers, and service contractors across the country to provide the best aftermarket coating solutions available. A partnership with Modine Coatings brings a dedicated focus to products and services for HVAC/R contractors to help maximize solutions in their respective markets.

For inquiries about becoming a Modine Coatings Certified Applicator and join its growing team, please email For general information about Modine Coatings, please visit

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