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Inside Perspective

By Greg McKool

I don’t know about you, but I cannot stand what is happening to our great country – no respect, no morals, no responsibility, and half the people do not want to work hard, or work at all. And, the PC police are out of their minds!

Alabama Director, Greg McKool
Alabama Director, Greg McKool

America, the greatest country on earth, is the place where we are supposed to be able to achieve anything through hard work. Handouts and free rides are not the means to achieve anything except being enslaved.

We are who we are, because great men took the time to pass the U.S. Constitution for “we the people.” The Bill of Rights was designed to help keep what is happening to us now, from being possible. We now have professional politicians, some of whom stay in office for a lifetime, it’s a golden parachute for them.

We should deal with the reality of what’s happening. Base your decisions and goals on facts. Establish a business that will grow and offer opportunity for you, your family, your employees and their families. Success is the result of hard work, not something given out by the government. Our founding fathers warned us about men who believe that socialism is the future, against every principle our country was founded on.

It’s time to wake up. This is the greatest nation on earth, built by hard-working people – not politicians.
God Bless America!



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