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Inside Perspective

By Greg McKool

Spring is just around the corner. I for one am ready, how about you?

Alabama Director, Greg McKool
Alabama Director, Greg McKool

It’s time to prepare and get ready for the opportunities ahead. It’s time to get your ads out for spring maintenance checkups. 2019 looks to be another good year for taking back some more American business. We have a strong businessman running this country who recognizes American capitalism, not socialism or communism.

As we move into springtime business and homeowners are thinking about turning on the AC and hoping it will work. Unfortunately there may be problems. When the AC malfunctions they will call the companies with which they are familiar.

If you are not advertising your company, how will you compete? Advertising will help you retain your base and gain new ones.
This season should bring a lot of challenges and activity for all in the HVAC industry.

Thank you and God bless.




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