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Inside Perspective

By Greg McKool

America, have we seen our best days? Watching the news can be both extremely depressing and comical at the same time. The rhetoric coming out of some of these reporters mouths is totally unbelievable and false! Why is there so much division in our country, don’t we have enough to do?

Alabama Director, Greg McKool
Alabama Director, Greg McKool

In some ways, things are much easier today than they used to be. But then consider these troubling concerns along with many others:

  • Government schools are turning into battlegrounds of violence.
  • Drug-infested daycare centers.
  • Securing our southern border is paramount in keeping our country safe. Everyday illegal migrants are pouring into our country, bringing criminal intent, illegal drugs along with child slavery. It’s totally insane that many politicians actually condone this activity along our southern border.
  • Many of our fellow countryman feel that socialism is the way to fix our problems. Most that study history understand that’s the quickest path to disaster.
  • Technology is moving so fast, many of our citizens can’t keep up with it. Just 10-15 years ago, smart phone technology hardly existed, and now everyone has a hand-held device and access to more useless information than they really need. It’s like a pacifier to a baby.

I personally believe the United States will always be the greatest nation on the face of the earth. We all must stay positive and stop the divide in this country, bringing our values back to somewhere near the center ring.

Thank You and God Bless!




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