Jeff Pitcairn

Mestek Announces New Senior Sales Engineer

February 21, 2022

Mestek is pleased to announce that Jeff Pitcairn has joined our Boiler Products Group as a Senior Sales Engineer.

Jeff Pitcairn
Jeff Pitcairn

Jeff comes to Mestek with over 35 years of experience designing and selling HVAC systems, with specific concentration on hydronic-based systems including boilers and heat pumps.
It can be said that Jeff is “coming home” as he was a Product Manager and Application Engineer for both Smith Cast Iron Boilers and Hydrotherm Boilers early in his career. Most recently Jeff was a Regional Sales Manager for Skidmore Pump and IEC and prior to that he spent 14 years with Taco, Inc. as the Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Commercial Products.
In his new position, Jeff will concentrate on actively promoting the vast offerings of our existing hydronic product portfolio and including boilers, water heaters, commercial heat pumps and active chilled beams across various Mestek brands including RBI, Advanced Thermal Hydronics, Dadanco and the recently acquired Transom, Inc.
As a dedicated commercial hydronics solutions engineer Jeff will not only help our sales team but he will also assist representatives, engineers and contractors in both product training and system design in a solutions-based approach across our vast product portfolio.
“Jeff brings extensive experience to our hydronics team. His specific hydronic segment experience will come as a tremendous help in our continued growth, especially in the rapidly growing area of commercial heat pumps and other alternative carbon-sensitive areas throughout North America” said Tim Markel, President, Mestek Distributor Products Group. “His expertise in developing sales and in-depth training programs targeted to specific market segments certainly makes him an asset to not only our product portfolio and sales team but also to our valued customers”, added Markel.
Jeff lives with his wife and 3 children in Kittery, Maine.
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