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MGM Products Provides Cooling to One of South Carolina’s Hottest Boat Builders!

By Carson Green, President MGM Products, Inc.

Sportsman Boats has built their reputation and manufacturing facility around the simple principle of being the best. When they decided they wanted a more comfortable work environment for their employees they teamed up with Total Comfort Solutions, Carrier and MGM Products.

MGM Air Rotation Unit at Sportsman BoatsThe project scope included large scale cooling for their world class manufacturing facility. Some of the hurdles were the limitations of roof top space due to solar panels and limited floor space within the plant. High tonnage and long throws would be required to properly dehumidify and condition the space. The solution was two 90-ton MGM Air Rotation Units fed by a 190-ton Carrier Aqua Snap Chiller.

“We feel we offer the best ARU system in the business and felt this could be a showcase for our line of products,” said Carson Green with MGM Products.

Adding an economizer section, VFD drives and controls with occupied and unoccupied temperature settings, give the end product a higher level of energy efficiency and comfort to Sportsman’s team. Factory powder coated cabinets and a custom designed logo create a more refined product that matches this manufactures philosophy of being the best!

Taking pride in their products and offering a full site solutions was the teams goal. “We wanted to be a part of this project from day one and looked for innovative ways to get involved and add value to the overall package,” said Luke Stafford with Carrier.

If you have an application where you are not getting the help you deserve or if you simply want to offer your customers the best, contact MGM Products to discuss what they can do for you!

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