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A/C Supply Hosts Dealer Meeting

On April 11th, A/C Supply hosted their 2019 American Standard Dealer Meeting at the IP Resort & Spa in Biloxi. The action-packed event ran from 10:30 am to 9 pm and featured “Hall of Fame” speaker, Steve Rizzo, who shared his wisdom concerning leadership and accepting change in a very humorous way. Keith Reynaud receiving the Pioneer Award. Other speakers included a spokesman from Mediagistic explaining ‘Why Digital Marketing’, and James Mueller of The Act… Read More

A/C Supply Has Mitsubishi Once Again

Kirk McGovern, General Manager of A/C Supply recently announced “We’re BACK! After over five years, A/C Supply, Inc has obtained the brand that we all know and love, Mitsubishi Electric. With many years of experience and knowledge on our side, we are ready to take this partnership to a whole new level. Drick is stacking them deep in Harahan. For more than 30 years, Mitsubishi Electric has been a leader in the United States in… Read More