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Airthings Introduces Newest Air Quality Monitor, HBS Wave Mini and Healthy Building Solution at AHR 2020

Airthings, specialists in indoor air quality and producers of one of TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2019, today announces the debut of their Healthy Building Solution in tandem with its newest smart air quality monitor, HBS Wave Mini. By pairing the diminutive hardware with a unique and customizable software platform to give businesses insights into previously invisible elements that may be costing them money, Airthings is uniquely qualified to lead the… Read More

Is Your University Building Ventilated Like It’s 1978?

By Mr. Tom Kolsun   Is your university building ventilated like it’s 1978? And, why would you care? Health Did you know that humans breathe over 11,000 liters of air a day? Your staff and students will likely spend around 2000 hours per year breathing the air in campus buildings.  Would you drink 900,000 liters of water if I said, “I actually have no idea what’s in it or how long it has been sitting… Read More

Selling IAQ to the Health-Conscious Homeowner

Throughout Aprilaire’s long history in the HVAC industry, much time has been spent with their contractor partners to understand what drives their Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) business and how those drivers have changed. Talking points have shifted, as health-conscious homeowners understand the need for healthier air and look to contractors to deliver it. Contractors who understands this shift are differentiating their service and winning IAQ sales. Josh Bigelow from Great Dane Heating and Cooling leads… Read More

AROMA360 IAQ Scent Technology Systems Now Available to US HVAC Distributors and Contractors

AROMA360, the leading US manufacturer of Cold- air diffusion Scent Technology systems is pleased to announce the availability of their proven Indoor Air Quality product line to the US HVAC trade for distribution. AROMA360 systems are designed for both the residential and commercial HVAC markets such as hotels, spas, medical/dental offices, restaurants, car dealerships, fitness centers, country clubs, and office buildings. HVAC profit margins are excellent. The VANGOGH360 provides portability with the power, quality and… Read More