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Carrier Chooses R-32 Refrigerant for Commercial Scroll Chillers

As part of its commitment to provide customers with solutions that use the right refrigerant for each application, Carrier has selected R-32 refrigerant to replace R-410A refrigerant, a high global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant, in commercial chillers using scroll technology. R-32 was chosen for its lower environmental impact, high energy efficiency, wide availability and ease of use. In Europe, the refrigerant will be offered in some scroll chillers beginning in the first half of 2020. Read More

New EPA Refrigerant Management Regulations for 2020

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a rule change to the Section 608 Refrigerant Management Program. This rule change has potential impacts on the way in which refrigerants are handled and sold. As such, the ESCO Institute wanted to keep the HVACR community apprised of this ruling. The ESCO Institute will be reviewing this modification to the rule and assessing its potential impact on… Read More

SensoTech Expands In-house Refrigerant Calibration

The main application of LiquiSonic® OCR measuring systems is the monitoring of refrigerant concentration during testing of components in stationary air conditioners and vehicle air conditioners. The perfect mixing ratio between oil and refrigerant ensures a maximum lifetime and optimal efficiency. The maintenance-free LiquiSonic® technology determines the oil content in a variety of different refrigerants very precisely and quickly and enables a continuous monitoring of air conditioning circles directly in the system. The measuring… Read More

Bacharach Expands Refrigerant Gases on MGS-400 Gas Detectors

Bacharach, a leading provider of HVAC-R gas instrumentation, announces the addition of 22 halogen refrigerants for its MGS-400 gas detectors in commercial and industrial gas leak monitoring applications. The newly added halogen refrigerants include: R1234yf, R1234ze, R134a, R22, R32, R404a, R407a, R407C, R407f, R410a, R422, R422D, R427A, R434A, R448A, R449A, R450A, R452A, R454A, R454C, R507a, R513A. Support for additional gases are in development and will be released over the next few months. The MGS-400 series… Read More

Honeywell Solstice Refrigerant with Lower Global Warming Potential Approved by Tecumseh

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) recently announced that Tecumseh Products Company has approved Solstice® N40 (R-448A) refrigerant with a lower global-warming-potential (GWP) for the reciprocating compressors used in its global commercial refrigeration systems. The approval follows extensive testing by Tecumseh and confirms Solstice N40’s global acceptance as an alternative to the use of R-404A in self-contained integral systems and condensing units, when utilized according to Tecumseh application guidelines. “Lower GWP refrigerants are important for curbing the carbon… Read More
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