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Quail Systems’ Vortex Cleans Air, Sanitizes Surfaces

With decades of experience developing ozone technology, the team at Quail Systems introduces the latest addition to its family of products designed to offer a sanitizing solution that uses ozone to safely eliminate microbial contaminants including the common cold, the flu, and SARS-CoV-2, which causes Covid-19. Robert Smith In a matter of minutes, Vortex provides a quick, powerful blast of ozone in an unoccupied space for the most effective, efficient sanitization possible without leaving any… Read More

Goodway Technologies Launches Ultra-Portable Surface Sanitation Solution to Assist Businesses with Continuous Cleaning Applications

Goodway Technologies is launching BioSpray®-5, a lightweight, ultra-portable surface sanitation system that helps to improve the overall safety and wellbeing of occupants by effectively disinfecting surfaces against bacteria and viruses quickly. This solution is ideal for applications where continuous cleaning is required; there is a need to turn around space quickly, and areas where sensitive electronic equipment is present. The BioSpray-5 is packaged in a heavy-duty, yet lightweight case which includes an innovative CO2 based… Read More

Goodway’s Dry Steam Solutions Help Meet Sanitation Goals

While no one would argue the importance of proper sanitation in a facility, there are many individuals unaware of the benefits that dry steam offers when it comes to effectively sanitizing HVAC equipment and other surfaces. Goodway Technologies, a global manufacturer of industrial maintenance and cleaning solutions, is sharing a reminder that dry steam is a strong contender when reviewing available solutions. “A large benefit of using dry steam cleaning is that it’s able to… Read More

Goodway Launches Lightweight Surface Sanitation System for On-the-Go Applications

A year after introducing a redesigned surface sanitation system, Goodway Technologies is announcing an even more portable option with BioSpray®-10. It has many of the same features as its predecessor, BioSpray®-20, but in a smaller, lightweight system that is beneficial for on-the-go applications. “BioSpray-10 can be used in any environment, but it brings an efficient sanitation solution for those needing to move around frequently and cover different areas of… Read More
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