Chad Modello, Jeremy Helton and Kyle Foster January 05, 2021


Testo Winter Rebate

Jeremy Helton, Chad Modello and Kyle Foster of United Refrigeration in Slidell are excited about the Testo Winter Rebate 2020. Store manager Jeremy Helton explained, […]

Tommy Leaumont, Chad Mondello and Jeremy Helton October 16, 2020


Testo at United Refrigeration in Slidell

At United Refrigeration in Slidell, Tommy Leaumont, Jeremy Helton, and Chad Mondello were displaying their favorite Testo products and stating what they liked about each […]

Randy Danos and David Walker in Houma February 16, 2019


Testo at United Refrigeration in Houma

Dayle Arceneaux, Randy Danos and David Walker are proud of their Testo Tool display at the United Refrigeration store in Houma. They also are proud […]

Mark Helton and Nathan Callais January 28, 2019


Testo Products at United Refrigeration

Slidell, LA Jeremy Helton’s favorite Testo tool is the 550 Digital Manifold. Jeremy explains, “The 550 manifold opens up new possibilities for efficient analysis and […]

Tony Mascarella & Jamal Shamah proudly display their Testo products. November 13, 2018


Testo Meters at United Refrigeration

If you visit a United Refrigeration branch you will probably find a Testo display exhibiting that branch’s favorite Testo products. In Harahan you will see […]



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