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New Name, Same Great Product!!

Whitlam has added TALON Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning Towels to their line of TALON products. The towels are as superior as the Whitlam towel that was labeled Tough Boy Towels. TALON Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning Towels are designed with the professional in mind. The specially formulated cleaner removes the toughest materials without the need for harsh solvents or abrasives. TALON Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning Towels have a fresh citrus scent and are dual textured for… Read More

Whitlam has a New Anaerobic PTFE Thread Sealant

Talon Anaerobic PTFE Thread Sealant is a premium anaerobic thread sealant specially formulated for use on all types of metal threaded connections. It is an excellent general purpose pipe sealant that provides instant seal with limited hand tightening. After cured, the sealing capacity is typically up to the burst rating of the pipe itself. The low locking strength and shear strength also allows easy disassembly.┬áTalon Anaerobic contains PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) for added lubricity. This thixotropic sealant… Read More
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