NAVAC NRDD recovery unit

At AHR Expo, HVAC/R Leader NAVAC Introduces Lighter, More Efficient Recovery Unit

February 13, 2019

NAVAC, the world’s largest supplier of HVAC vacuum pumps in addition to a wide array of tools, gauges, charging machines, recovery units and other industry-specific items, introduced a next-generation recovery unit at AHR Expo 2019, January 14-16 in Atlanta. Among other products, NAVAC debuted its new NRDD Recovery Unit, whose twin-cylinder compressor and over-sized condenser with two rows of microchannel coils offer exceptionally efficient vapor recovery.

NAVAC NRDD recovery unitExemplifying NAVAC’s overall mission of making technicians’ jobs simpler and more efficient, the NRDD Recovery Unit features a brushless DC motor that allows it to provide substantial power in a compact size and weight of just 25 pounds. This DC technology also provides better starting performance under low voltage conditions.

Another benefit of NAVAC’s NRDD Recovery Unit is its ease of use. Its large, LCD display is backlit for clearly visible, highly intuitive operation, and its modern, sleek appearance give its user the show-worthy confidence of high-precision manufacturing.

At AHR, NAVAC also introduced its new NRC62D Smart Refrigerant Charger, which at under 40lbs incorporates enhanced features such as a brushless DC-driven vacuum pump, wireless temperature probes with digital display of subcooling and superheat, and an upgraded, even more user-friendly digital interface.

Like its predecessor – the industry’s first smart refrigerant charger, Model NRC62i, which offered unprecedented automatic operation for intuitive, consistent system evacuation and refrigerant filling – the newer, lighter NRC62D thrives on user simplicity. Automating the system evacuation and recharge process is a significant step forward from traditional processes, which typically employ vacuum pumps, manifold gauges, charging scales, refrigerant tubing and other connection devices, and are highly dependent on a technician’s experience level and judgment.


NAVAC is a global manufacturer that has dedicated over 20 years to the R&D and manufacturing of industrial vacuum solutions and HVAC/R tools. NAVAC draws upon its commitment to technical innovation, strong customer service and robust R&D allocation to deliver solutions offering unsurpassed efficiency, accuracy and ease of use.

Comprising a full lineup of tools, gauges, detectors, charger and vacuum pumps, among other solutions, NAVAC’s product portfolio is designed with one overarching concept in mind: user-friendliness. The company seeks to meet a need for simpler, lighter, faster solutions that expedite service without sacrificing accuracy.

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