The Inside SEER: It’s Time for the Fall Seasonal Transition

Now that summer is over its time to start thinking about the fall season and what’s involved. This is the season where people can do more outdoor activities because the temperature is just right. It is not too cold and not too warm. The fall season is when duck and deer hunting take place. It’s the season when most photography enthusiasts enjoy taking pictures of different fall images because of this change as well as… Read More

Between the Lines: Price is Not the Answer

By Fred Martel We live in a world of price shopping. It’s a fact. Consumers try to be frugal by getting the best for their money when buying consumables. But quality, reliability and efficiency need to be the priorities when it comes to transportation and it should also be true of HVAC equipment and installation. In other words, consumers will spend more when they are comfortable about performance and pay back. One example is the… Read More

More of What a Beautiful Country

By Danny Keating, Director of the Louisiana/Mississippi HVAC Insider After celebrating our 52nd wedding anniversary in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Ms Bettie and I did in fact drive through the Yakima Valley in Washington State and then we did visit picturesque Mount Rainier and that same day we viewed the devastation that still exists from the Mount St. Helen eruption in 1980. When Mount St. Helen erupted, it killed every living thing in a 230… Read More

Just Ramblin’: A Few Notes on Columbus (Day) and Trump

By Art Penchansky Columbus Day, coming up on October 8, is naturally a federal holiday, and as a kid I always thought it was a national holiday. However, the states of Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, South Dakota and Vermont do not celebrate the holiday as the rest of us do. Evidently there must not be a lot of Italians in those states. Try getting by with that in NY, PA, NJ, CA or the solid south. Read More