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Inside Perspective

By Greg McKool I don’t know about you, but I cannot stand what is happening to our great country – no respect, no morals, no responsibility, and half the people do not want to work hard, or work at all. And, the PC police are out of their minds! Alabama Director, Greg McKool America, the greatest country on earth, is the place where we are supposed to be able to achieve anything through… Read More

From the Inside

By Walter Arnett MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! This year has flown by like Santa’s jet sleigh. All of the HVAC Insider, Florida Edition gang hope 2018 has been good to you and your family, and we wish you a great 2019. Please work at that goal. Walter Arnett Other than a lot of football bowl games, the next favorite gathering is the AHR EXPO. This super event will be held on… Read More

Meet Some New People and Socialize

There are great advantages that can be gained by meeting new people and using social skills. Sometimes we need to meet new people in order to build business or just to do our jobs properly. Maybe you transferred to a new department, or you took a job in another town or a new company, or you need to make friends at a different location. Whatever the case, you now find yourself in a situation where… Read More

Just Ramblin’: Once More Into the Breach

By Art Penchansky “Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more,” Shakespeare, Henry V (about 400 years old, but who’s counting). It still holds its meaning today, dear friends, as we all assess our positions in the industry, whether it be client by client, product by product, location by location, or issue by issue (me). Art Penchansky The heck with the stock market that’s been bouncing up and down like it’s being dribbled in… Read More