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The Inside SEER: November in 2020

By Pete Gardner November is usually a month of colorful falling leaves and happy family gatherings, with Thanksgiving being the main event. However, as we all know now, this November is quite different, full of stress for the most part and difficult times. The virus is running amuck and with more strict guidelines on staying safe, it’s getting very hard to enjoy life as we know it. Pete Gardner Along with that is the 2020… Read More

Between the Lines: A Matter of Trust

By Fred Martel There is little doubt that winning over a new customer requires establishing credibility. One method commonly used is story telling. When asked “what makes your company different,” some salespeople describe their methods as compared to the competition. It is the foundation of what should lead to trust and loyalty. Telling the credibility story suggests that you and your competitors are more equal than different. This is called expected credibility. People expect… Read More

Thinking Out Loud: Being Thankful

I have been thinking that November is different than other months. To me, you can feel the change of seasons in the air. November makes me excited about deer season, college football, the upcoming basketball season, sitting around fire pits and family on Thanksgiving. Bruce Heberle There is an old saying that states: “It is always a good day if you wake up above ground.” That is especially true in November! With that in mind,… Read More

Inside Notes: Back Into the Light

Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott It’s very enlightening when you open your mind to the vastness of the universe and all it encompasses. Finishing this UFO subject up, just understand I’m not talking about little green men running around abducting people. No, I’m talking about stuff that has been flying around the skies since recorded history, which is a very interesting topic. Over recent years, there have been tens of thousands of objects in our skies,… Read More

From the Inside

While riding down the street the other day, I tuned the radio in on the Senate hearing on President Trump’s nomination for the Supreme Court vacancy. My understanding was 30 or 40 Senators would have 30 minutes each to question the candidate on her convictions when making decisions on cases that reach this top Court. I listened for a while to several of the Senators before turning to another station. The hearing, it seems to… Read More

The Inside SEER: Helping During the Pandemic

By Pete Gardner As the months roll by this fall and winter, the pandemic might get worse and with the cold weather people will be stuck inside for the most part.   We all know by now that trying to stay safe and keeping our families virus free depends on how we pay attention to the science and what we need to do to stay virus free, for ourselves and our families. Pete Gardner That… Read More
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