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The BlowBeast is Rotobrush’s New Portable Negative Air Machine

Rotobrush® International LLC, a global market leader in providing indoor air quality solutions, is announcing the latest addition to its product lineup. The BlowBeast Negative Air Machine is a portable air duct cleaning solution that is taking negative air portability to a new level. “We know contractors are searching for equipment that makes it easier for them to perform air duct cleaning,” says Bob Elledge, President and CEO of Rotobrush International. “The BlowBeast is easy… Read More

Wine Guardian Unveils New Ceiling System

Wine Guardian is excited to announce its newest wine cellar cooling unit— a ceiling system designed specifically for recessed ceiling mounting! The ceiling mounted system is ideal for applications such as wine storage displays, all-glass wine rooms, and rooms that have no space to run ductwork or to install a traditional ductable unit. The ceiling mounted wine cooling unit was created as Wine Guardian continued to enhance and expand its product… Read More

CAREL Announces Line Expansion of User Friendly Displays

The CAREL range of displays has been expanded with the addition of the pGDx7’’, 10” and 15”, touch screen user interfaces with 7, 10 and 15 inch screens. Following on from the pGDx 4.3’’, the new displays guarantee a modern and effective interaction experience and simplify access to the available information. Color Depth and Screen Brightness The displays feature 24-bit color depth, just like most of the devices we use every day. The Truecolor technology… Read More

Case Study: Medical Office Retrofit by Panasonic

Challenges Medical offices are complex spaces with unique requirements, and often have older, inefficient design and systems that need upgrading. Retrofits are necessary to ensure patient comfort and care, but as medical offices can’t simply shut down, it can be challenging to complete an update. Medical office in Kentville, Nova Scotia. A recent example of a successful medical office HVAC retrofit is a project in Kentville, Nova Scotia. Through a collaborative effort the stakeholders were… Read More
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