QwikSwap V3 Board is Simplest Answer for Variable Air-flow ECM Blower Motor Failures

The QwikSwap™ V3 Board from Mainstream QwikProducts™ is a simple, cost effective alternative for replacing variable airflow electronically commutated motors (ECMs). The QwikSwap™ V3 enables replacing variable airflow ECM 2.0, 2.3, 2.5 or 3.0 motors with a permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor while still providing the variable blower airflow capability. This is significant because when a variable air flow ECM fails, you have to order an exact replacement from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of… Read More

Danfoss Debuts New Pressure Sensor

The DST P100 pressure sensor from Danfoss provides improved reliability, durability and performance for the refrigeration and air-conditioning markets. Danfoss recently introduced its DST P100 pressure sensor — a new, reliable, robust, and cost-effective pressure sensor. Backed by more than 30 years of experience with sensor technology and featuring a stainless-steel design and hermetically-sealed media interface, the sensor can withstand even the harshest application environments, making it suitable for refrigeration and air-conditioning applications. “We are… Read More

New Cambridge Mounting Stands Make Space Heating and Ventilation Installations Easier

To add flexibility to the mounting options for commercial and industrial space heaters and ventilation systems, Cambridge Engineering has launched a line of vertical and horizontal stands to accompany their heating and make-up air units. The introduction of these new accessories comes after Cambridge’s move last year to standardize the vertical versions of their two main product lines, the S-Series space heaters and the M-Series make-up air units. “Once we began… Read More

Michigan State University Migrates to Next Generation Aircuity Platform

Aircuity, (, creator of measurably better environments, announced that it has migrated systems at Michigan State University from the original platform to the next generation; Aircuity 2.0. To date two of the nine systems installed on campus have been migrated with the remaining seven scheduled to be completed. MSU has already used the next generation web app for insight into the operation of their labs. The 2.0 out-of-the box Aircuity web app… Read More