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Santa-Fe by Therma-Stor, LLC is the Newest Manufacturer Added to the Barksdale Sales Group Product Portfolio

On July 1st, 2021, Therma-Stor, LLC has become the newest domestic manufacturer added to the Barksdale Sales Group line card. BSG will represent Therma-Stor’s Santa-Fe dehumidifiers in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee. Therma-Stor, located in Madison, Wisconsin, was established in 1977. Beginning with heat recovery water heaters, Therma-Stor now manufactures a line of residential dehumidifiers, including the Santa-Fe series of free-standing, in-wall and whole house ventilating dehumidifiers. Therma-Stor recently announced the… Read More

Mitsubishi Electric Introduces the SVZ 1:1 Ducted Air Handler and SUZ Universal Outdoor Unit

Mitsubishi Electric has introduced their 1:1 Ducted Air Handler (SVZ) and the SUZ Universal Outdoor Unit. The air handler joins the M-Series product lineup which includes an array of indoor units, outdoor units and control options. Like the series’ ductless systems, the SVZ is energy efficient, easy to install and flexible in its application. What sets the SVZ apart from other models is its smaller footprint and one-to-one configuration with the SUZ Universal Outdoor Unit. Read More

Ergsense Announces HVAC Energy Sensing and Trending System

Based on the Ergsense DTECTS D.HAT PDK and packing advanced technology into an easy to apply HVAC energy monitor tool that provides real time event tracking and visualization for the professional sales, installer and service organization is the job of the new Ergsense Energy Sensing & Tracking System. In a box barely larger than a mint tin, this device has three channels of voltage and current monitoring, Ergsense monitoring FW and several communications options. Stand… Read More

Daikin One Cloud Services Launches, Bringing HVAC Pros Unsurpassed Service Opportunities

Using the newly launched Daikin One Cloud Services, Daikin Comfort Pro contractors can grow their business and connect with their customers using a cloud-based tool that allows them to configure, monitor, diagnose and adjust the performance of Daikin systems remotely, potentially eliminating the need to send a truck and technician to a home. HVAC tech using Daikin One Cloud on a tablet Daikin One Cloud Services – developed by Daikin North America LLC (Daikin), a… Read More

New Miami-Dade Approved Louver from Ruskin® Boasts 53% Free Area

The EME3625MD – a new, 3-inch-deep, stationary Ruskin® louver approved by Miami-Dade for its wind-driven rain resistance – is designed for structures in high-velocity hurricane zones that require louvers with basic impact protection. Mechanically fastened to add to its strength, the vertical louver also offers improved air and water performance over Ruskin’s previous Miami-Dade approved model, the EME3625DFLMD, and is AMCA 540 (Missile D) and 550 listed. The new Ruskin® EME3625MD is a 3-inch-deep stationary… Read More

GPS Trackit Announces Leading-Edge Video Telematics Solution

GPS Trackit, a leading provider of video, fleet, and asset tracking systems, announced today it has launched VidFleet™ – a cutting-edge, connected video telematics system with features that range from a 360-degree view of the road and driver to real-time in-cab audible alerts and the industry’s clearest picture. VidFleet enables safer driving, increased productivity, cost savings and greater awareness of fleet operations. GPS Trackit’s VidFleet AI+ Smart Video. AI-based real-time voice alerts provide in-the-moment driver… Read More