Business Management with JOBPROGRESS

JOBPROGRESS allows you to manage all of your jobs and customers in one easy to use location for many different trade types.  All data is securely stored online in a cloud based platform that can be utilized in office or on site location. JOBPROGRESS is easily accessible and can be used on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone platform, with your Company activity seamlessly being transferred between devices. As a service, JOBPROGRESS supports you… Read More

Fight Aluminum Fin Deterioration with the Corrosion Grenade and Corrosion Grenade 2.0

The Corrosion Grenade® and Corrosion Grenade 2.0™ by A/C Zincs, Inc. provide an economical, easy to apply solution for protecting air conditioning system aluminum fins from deterioration due to exposure to coastal environments. An adaptation of a marine application for fighting galvanic corrosion, the Corrosion Grenades are sacrificial anodes and truly green solutions to a costly problem. Manufactured to military specifications, they are designed to be attached to the suction line of the equipment to… Read More

The Impact of the MixCoat System

BASF finds the Sulzer MixCoat System is a flexible rapid cure solution The Challenge In the roofing industry, application methods are limited for applying rapid cure materials. To start, rapid curing sealing membranes are delivered in 200-liter drums. This container volume is often too large for most touch-up and small project applications. In addition, the setup time for the standard rapid cure material application method – plural-component spray system (hot spray) – is both time… Read More

SPX Cooling Technologies Introduces MarleyGard Water Management Products

Chemical Delivery System and Basin Sweeper Piping System support implementation of effective water management plans SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc., a full-line, full-service industry leader in the design and manufacture of cooling towers and other specialized heat exchangers, introduces the MarleyGard™ CD Chemical Delivery System and MarleyGard SP Basin Sweeper Piping System.* The preassembled MarleyGard CD and SP Systems install quickly and help maintain cooling tower water quality. The MarleyGard CD Chemical Delivery System uses electronic… Read More