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Employee Training: An Investment in Your Company’s Future

By Blaine Bagley, SVP Operations, EnerBankUSA Blaine Bagley Employee training. It’s possible that these two words together have a bad connotation with you or your management team. Maybe it’s because you sent an employee to an expensive conference. They came back with lots of good ideas, and then everyone went back to the same old ways. Or, you may think training is expensive, consumes too much time and takes away from production. Some excuses… Read More

Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US Announces New Vice President of Supply Chain

Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS), a leading supplier of Ductless and Ducted Mini-split and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heat-pump and air-conditioning systems, is pleased to announce the hiring of Robert D. Smith as vice president of supply chain management. Robert D. Smith A long-time employee of Ingersoll Rand and Trane Technologies, Smith joins METUS with over 27 years of experience in product engineering, plant management, distribution, logistics and supply chain. Smith most recently served… Read More

Recent Shocks Put Vulnerable Manufacturing Supply Chains Under the Spotlight – New Principles Required to Solve the Age-Old Problem of Supply and Demand

“From COVID-19 vaccine production to the graphic pictures of a heavily laden container vessel stuck in the Suez Canal, recent events have really thrown global supply chains under public scrutiny. For example, each of the five leading vaccines have a huge supply chain associated with their production. As many as 280 materials go into making the Pfizer vaccine coming from 86 suppliers from 19 countries around the world—and any shortages or delivery delays have been… Read More

Malco Products, SBC, Announces New 7-8 Millimeter Size of C-RHEX Drivers

Malco Products, SBC, one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of high-quality, American-made tools for professional use, announced the expansion of its best-selling line of C-RHEX® cleanable, reversible magnetic hex drivers to include 7- and 8-millimeter hex sizes. These new millimeter models will be available in three lengths: 2-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch. “The trade professionals who use our C-RHEX drivers on the job requested these new millimeter sizes for servicing goods sourced from overseas and in… Read More

Noritz Teams Up with Sunbelt Marketing to Serve the Southeast Tankless Water Heater Market

Atlanta-based manufacturer’s representative will work with Noritz sales team, promoting tankless in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and the Carolinas. Scott Smith of Sunbelt Marketing, Chris Martin of Noritz, and Aidan Hall, Tim Ramsey, John Wood, Tyler Sims, Drew Armstrong, Richard Goldsmith and Kenny Strickland of Sunbelt Marketing Noritz America recently announced that Sunbelt Marketing, Inc. (Austell, GA) will help cover the Southeast tankless water heater market, effective March 11, 2021. The master distributor and buy/sell manufacturer’s… Read More

AccuAir Introduces New Bard QC Chilled Water Unit Ventilator Model

AccuAir, Inc., a Bard heating and cooling systems specialist and distributor serving educational and commercial customers throughout Florida, has announced the introduction of a new Bard QC model to its Chilled Water Single Zone (SZ), Variable Air Volume (VAV) product line. The Bard QC Chilled Water Single-Zone VAV System provides ultimate zoning with individual room temperature and humidity control As Frank Suranyi, AccuAir’s Engineered Products Manager, points out, the SZ-VAV system is not a new… Read More
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