Speedway Ford in Griffin, Georgia
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Blalock Heating & Air, Johnstone Supply and Fujitsu Team Up on Speedway Ford Job

April 02, 2021
Speedway Ford in Griffin, Georgia
Speedway Ford in Griffin, Georgia

Recently Blalock Heating & Air along with Johnstone Supply, Fujitsu and The Nixon Group teamed up on a project at Speedway Ford in Griffin, Georgia.

The team consisted of:

  • Blalock Heating and Air – Justin Bishop,
  • Johnstone Supply – Ty Rath,
  • Fujitsu – Shawn Hill,
  • The Nixon Group – Seth Nixon.

Speedway Ford has been a long time customer of Blalock Heating & Air.

The original equipment at Speedway Ford was nearly 30 years old. It consisted of a 1 – 10-ton and 1 – 6-ton split system that serviced the showroom and offices. Both systems had fan/coil units in the attic with straight ac’s outside and 200k btu Reznor inline duct heaters.

Speedway Ford saw that the cost to maintain and service the existing systems had become pretty expensive and when they began to look at replacement options, the logistics of trying to remove the existing equipment and replace it with new unitary product of the same size was going to be a task simply because of the size of the new and old equipment.

The decision was made to complete job in two stages. The first stage was the removal of the 16 tons of unitary that serviced the offices/conference room/bathrooms/waiting area and showroom. Blalock H&A went back with 18, tons of VRF, 1 – 10-ton VII to service the showroom that has 6 – 2-ton cassettes and 1 – 8-ton VII to service the offices/bathrooms/conference room/waiting area. That system has 1 – 9k and 1 – 12k btu cassettes for the offices, 2 – 1-ton cassettes for the showroom, 2 – 2-ton medium static ducted units for the common areas. This stage of the install was done to help save money on energy bills and improve the overall comfort and service of the building.

The second stage of the job was completed about two years later, Blalock Heating & Air installed 28 tons of VII VRF into the main mechanic shop area of the building. This area of the building hasn’t ever been conditioned with the exception of a couple of hanging heaters that didn’t really do too much as far as heating the space. This stage of the job was completed with the intention of providing a climate controlled area for the mechanics to work.

The benefits to the project were totally achieved once the Fujitsu system was installed. Since the initial install, Speedway Ford has noticed a savings of around $2000.00/month on their gas bills throughout the heating season and an over all savings of around $300.00-$500.00/month on electricity.