ClimateMaster Trilogy 45

ClimateMaster Introduces New Trilogy 45 (VE) Geothermal Heat Pump System

March 02, 2020

ClimateMaster®, Inc., a leader in geothermal and water source heating and cooling, is pleased to introduce its Trilogy® 45 (VE) series of packaged geothermal heat pump systems for residential applications. The new series has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2020, a designation the EPA reserves for exceptional products designed to provide the best comfort for the least energy.

ClimateMaster Trilogy 45Geothermal heat pumps are an inherently efficient renewable energy technology because they take advantage of the natural heat stored in the earth. ClimateMaster’s Trilogy 45 system uniquely features leading-edge variable-speed components, including the compressor, indoor fan, and loop water circuit, designed to match system capacity to the heating and cooling load of the residence. The advanced design of the Trilogy 45 results in an energy efficiency rating (EER) greater than 45.

“Receiving the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2020 designation is a validation of ClimateMaster’s continuing efforts to significantly exceed the basic standards of efficiency,” said Todd Graf, ClimateMaster’s Chief Executive Officer. “Customers today are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment and the energy they use. ClimateMaster’s Trilogy 45 geothermal heat pump system delivers the comfort they’d expect with the high efficiency they’re looking for, enabling them to drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels and save money for years in the future,” Graf added. With Trilogy 45, roughly 75% to 80% of the energy supplied comes directly from the earth and is clean, free, and renewable.

The Trilogy 45 packaged heat pump system is ultra-quiet. Because it runs longer than traditional heating and cooling systems that frequently start and stop, the VE maintains a constant level of comfort and humidity to precise setpoints. The system also delivers superior air filtration for improved indoor air quality and air exchange due to highly efficient extended run times. Built with high-quality components, ClimateMaster estimates the Trilogy 45 geothermal heat pump system to have a 25-year life span.

According to Todd Van Hyfte, Director of Sales at ClimateMaster, maximizing the efficiency of any heat pump system today requires at least some level of automation. “By pairing the Trilogy 45 heat pump system with our new line of Wi-Fi enabled, programmable thermostats, homeowners get the control settings they need to optimize their household’s energy use,” Van Hyfte commented. “Taking things one step further, we offer homeowners the iGate® ClimaZone® zoning panel option to provide two-way Wi-Fi and internet connectivity, creating a gateway into the Trilogy system from anywhere in the world,” he added. “Used with the iGate thermostat, homeowners and their dealers can monitor the performance of the unit, custom tailor its operation, and diagnose any issues online or from the thermostat. This way, a service representative can be sent out with everything needed to repair the system,” Van Hyfte explained.

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