Corrosion Grenade

Corrosion Grenade, Aluminum Fin Protection from Galvanic Corrosion

March 09, 2019

The Corrosion Grenade® by A/C Zincs, Inc. provides the solution for protecting air conditioning system aluminum fins from deterioration due to exposure to coastal environments. Economical and easy to install, the Corrosion Grenade® sacrificial anodes are an adaptation of a marine application for fighting galvanic corrosion and truly green solutions to a costly problem. For years, air conditioning manufacturers have been plagued with the expensive problem of aluminum fins deteriorating when the air conditioning unit is installed near the coast.

Corrosion Grenade
Corrosion Grenade

Galvanic corrosion, commonly referred to as electrolysis, is the reason the fins deteriorate so quickly. Galvanic corrosion occurs whenever you have dissimilar metals, electrical power and electrolytes present. The air conditioning system is made of copper, steel and aluminum; the moist salt air conducts electricity and is the electrolyte.

Galvanic corrosion only damages the softest or weakest metal, which is the aluminum; therefore, the aluminum fins begin to deteriorate as soon as the system is started. The marine industry, one of the harshest environments for metals, learned many years ago that they could add a weaker metal to their systems and sacrifice it to the corrosive action. On the galvanic scale, zinc in the Corrosion Grenade® is near the top and one of the weakest metals. The marine industry began the practice of attaching pieces of zinc to every engine, replacing them as they deteriorated, with tremendous results.

The Corrosion Grenades work the same way in an air conditioning system. When attached to the suction line of the condenser, a weaker metal than aluminum is introduced to the system. The moment a Corrosion Grenade® is attached, the galvanic corrosion leaves the aluminum and attacks the zinc alloy, extending the life of the aluminum fins and helping maintain the optimum efficiency of the air conditioning system.

Manufactured to military specifications, the Corrosion Grenade® is available in sizes to fit 1/2”, 3/8”, 5/8”, ¾”, 7/8” and 11/8” suction lines and can be purchased at wholesalers throughout the country.
A Corrosion Grenade® should be included in every proposal for new installations, replacements and service calls in coastal residential, commercial and industrial applications where aluminum fin deterioration is a concern.

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