Walter Arnett
Editorial, Florida News

From the Inside

May 11, 2019

By Walter Arnett

Last summer, 2018, we advised you of good friends, Rhonda and Bob Rosas, moving to the North Georgia mountain area to be close to their son and grandchildren. While moving a load of possessions from Florida to their new home, they were run into by another vehicle. Rhonda and their pet dog were not hurt, but Bob was injured severely and suffered paralysis over most of his body. Since the accident, he spent much of the time in the hospital, mostly trying to overcome pneumonia.

Walter Arnett
Walter Arnett

On Friday, April 5th, Bob told Rhonda he wanted to go home, because he did not want to die in the hospital. She got him home and settled as comfortable as possible. On Sunday morning, April 7th, with Rhonda and their grandson by his side, Bob Rosas died from the many complications he had from the wreck. I will miss my longtime friend, as will Peter and the HVAC Insider family, and the HVAC industry.

Rhonda called me that Sunday to tell me of the loss. During our conversation, I found out that their financial resources have been wiped out by medical bills. If you will, please, let’s help Rhonda out with the burial expenses that will come, by making a donation to the gofundme account she has set up (Visit and search “In Memory of Roberto “Bob” Rosas”). I know that any amount will be greatly appreciated.

On that same Sunday morning, the family of Arthur Penchansky, my cousin’s widower, gathered in Macon where he was laid to rest here in our family plot. Arthur was associated with the HVAC Insider as the Director of the Keystone Garden edition for some 25 years. He will also be missed and often thought of by many.

That is all the sad news I have to report to you at this time, so I will stop now. We’ll talk again next month.