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HVACR Education – Teaching the Unknown

May 07, 2019
How can HVACR instructors prepare students/technicians for the unknown? This is a challenge facing HVACR instructors today.
Technological advances in the HVACR industry are moving at an alarmingly rate of change, requiring HVACR instructors to continually adapt to keep the training they offer aligned with what the industry now requires from successful field technicians.
One very real challenge facing the industry is that HVACR instructors must now teach technologies that they themselves never encountered when they were in the field. To assist HVACR instructors in meeting the challenges associated with incorporating emerging technologies and teaching techniques in their classrooms, while assisting them gain confidence teaching the basics, HVAC Excellence hosts the National HVACR Educators and Trainers Conference.
This annual event provides a forum where HVACR instructors from community colleges, trade schools, apprenticeship programs, wholesalers, utilities and industry trainers, can gather to become more effective instructors. In addition, the conference exposition allows instructors to meet face to face with manufacturers, associations, publishers who can help them transform their programs.
Nearly 800 attendees from across North America participated in the 2019 conference, to become more effective instructors. Having so many instructors gathered in one place provides an opportunity for manufacturers and subject matter experts to help advance education in the HVACR industry. In doing so, instructors can incorporate new technologies into the classroom, and better prepare technicians, which can lead to reduced warranty claims and callbacks.
Preparation for the 2020 National HVACR Educators and Trainers Conference is now underway. Companies seeking to advance education in the HVACR industry are encouraged to visit escogroup.org and click the conference link. This will provide them additional information on the event, conference venue, provide them access to the call for presenter application, and register to exhibit at the conference.
While the conference is nearly a year away, a large number of companies already pre-registered for the 2020 event. Exhibit space having traditionally filled up quickly, interested parties are encouraged sign up early.
Regardless of one’s role in the HVACR industry, our success is tied to the success of the instructors in our industry. While continual technological changes can be viewed as an obstacle, it can also be viewed as an opportunity. An opportunity for the industry to meet the challenges we face, by uniting around HVACR education.