Pete Gardner

Inside Seer: Keep the Heat Going

February 01, 2020

By Pete Gardner

Having traveled this season around the Mid Atlantic and the Carolinas, it has been warmer than normal for this time of year. However, it’s still early, and I am sure that the really cold weather will be on us soon.

Pete Gardner
Pete Gardner

That being said, I hope you are out there talking to customers about Maintenance Contracts and keeping their systems operating properly on a regular basis. Sometimes homeowners don’t realize the importance of a maintenance plan to keep their systems in tip top condition and working well on demand.

Some people that take their systems for granted, may be in for a big surprise on those really cold nights when they turn the thermostat to heat and nothing happens, then have to bear the cold until someone can come out and fix the problem. At that point it might cost them quite a bit more for repairs do to neglect. Explaining the potential cost savings by using Maintenance Contracts may convince them of the value in the long run. The customer needs to realize that a regular program can supply them with the comfort and confidence in their systems.

Education of the consumer should be paramount. Convince them of the cost savings and peace of mind they can have with a contract. Happy customers will have you back year after year!