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Johnson Controls Introduces YORK Ultra-Low NOx Residential Package Equipment

September 14, 2020

The YORK® brand of Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart and sustainable buildings, is launching an efficient, reliable and competitive package unit designed to lower smog-producing gases while delivering high performance and reliable comfort. The YORK Ultra-low NOx Residential Package Equipment offers a compact, robust, all-in-one HVAC system that provides reliability and quick installation for space-challenged homes.

“The YORK Ultra-low NOx Residential Package Equipment provides a unique combination of installation flexibility, simplified maintenance and reliable performance while reducing greenhouse gases,” said Regan Axtell, residential product manager, Johnson Controls. “This equipment provides contractors with a high performance, all-in-one solution for space-challenged applications where internal installation of conventional split systems is not an option or when homeowners want to minimize in-house servicing or construction.”

The heart of the ultra-low NOx technology is a proven burner system for reducing greenhouse and smog-producing gases by up to 65 percent versus standard low-NOx models. In addition, it is available with 81 percent AFUE, providing greater comfort for less money. The units are available in 14 SEER, single-stage heating and cooling, a variety of tonnages, and single-and three-phase electrical configurations, providing the contractor with solutions to meet virtually every application, while the homeowner is provided with comfort tailored to their individual needs.

“High-performance Ultra-Low NOx Residential Package Equipment moves a lot of air, which provides good airflow to help rapidly cool or heat a home,” said Axtell. “This high-quality airflow performance is also what allows the system to overcome legacy ductwork layout challenges in older homes where some spaces don’t get enough air.”

Installation and maintenance time and costs are minimized due to individual access panels for all major components, and easy power and control wiring connections. In addition, all units are completely wired, charged with R-410A refrigerant and tested prior to shipment. For homeowners, low-noise fans and vibration-reducing technology minimize noise to provide quiet comfort year-round. The upward airflow carries the normal operating noise up and away from the living area while the rigid top panel effectively isolates noise. The isolator-mounted compressor and rippled fins in the outdoor coil muffle the normal fan motor and compressor operating sounds. The uniquely formed base pan further aids in sound attenuation.

The durable YORK Ultra-low NOx Residential Package Units provide reliable performance following rigorous accelerated life testing at -20 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, homeowners can enjoy greater peace of mind provided by class-leading warranties.

For more information on the YORK Ultra-low NOx Residential Package Equipment, visit www.york.com/Residential-Equipment/Heating-and-Cooling/Residential-Packaged-Equipment.