ESCO Group new Water Heaters publication

New from ESCO Institute: Water Heaters

May 26, 2020

The ESCO Institute is pleased to announce a new publication “Water Heaters.”

A large majority of homes in the US have a storage-type water heater that provides domestic hot water. These water heaters can be electric or gas-fired and require regular maintenance and servicing. This training manual covers the installation, maintenance, and service of residential and light commercial gas and electric storage water heaters.

ESCO Group new Water Heaters publicationWhat readers will learn:

  • Recognize safety-related issues when working on gas or electric water heaters
  • Describe the most common water heater ratings and sizes
  • Describe how to calculate a water heater’s first hour rating
  • Identify and discuss components common to both electric and gas water heaters
  • Describe the typical operation of gas water heaters and the gas-related components
  • Describe the typical operation of electric water heaters
  • Explain typical routine maintenance procedures for gas and electric water heaters
  • Discuss troubleshooting common faults for both gas and electric water heaters

The Water Heaters manual provides the information and knowledge necessary to understand typical operation of both gas and electric water heaters. It is full of color illustrations and includes end of lesson review questions that provide students and practicing technicians with the information and knowledge necessary to accurately and safely install, service, and maintain storage-type water heaters.

The end of the booklet contains fill-in-the-blank worksheets that review the content of the entire manual. To see a sample of this book click here. Registered proctors can review a digital version of the manual, by logging in and visiting the resource center.

Instructor Resource Materials

The instructor resource materials will be available this spring and will include a 142-slide PowerPoint that correlates directly with the training manual. Each slide within the presentation contains speaker notes that are designed to aid the instructor through the presentation and provide additional talking points. Student worksheets and answers are also included.


The Water Heater Certification will be available this spring and will cover safety, sizing, components, theory, typical operation and installation, meter usage, servicing and troubleshooting, and routine maintenance.

Learn more about the Water Heaters training manual, instructor resources and certification by visiting or calling 1-800-726-9696.