Raypak Introduces New Products and Announces New Assignments for Senior Executives

December 16, 2019

For more than 70 years, Raypak has been designing and manufacturing copper-fin boilers, water heaters, as well as pool and spa heaters for both commercial and residential projects. As we embark on the new year, 2020 is shaping up to be an exciting time for Raypak, but we’d like to look back at all we’ve achieved during the last 12 months. This past year we launched several brand new products we were proud to bring to market. We also announced new appointments for some of our key leadership in New England, as well as regionally, to maximize their skills and strengths, and to guide our staff and departments towards a successful upcoming year.


2019 saw us introduce the XVers L, a condensing, stainless-steel fire-tube boiler, as part of our family of XVERS line of boilers. Available in sizes 399 to 850 MBTUH, and due to its compact size, is perfect for a variety of applications. The XVers L is packed with great features like remote connectivity, our VERSA touchscreen, a status display light for easy visibility, stainless steel fire-tube heat exchanger technology, and up to 98% efficiency for maximum performance. The XVers L is designed with the installer and building owner in mind, allowing them to enjoy broad installation flexibility, easy commissioning, optimum seasonal efficiency and long-term reliability.


Another innovative Raypak stand-out launching this past year was the stylish XFIIRE, available in sizes from 300 to 1000 MBTUH, and up to 96.5% efficiency for peak performance. Built with a robust stainless steel water-tube heat exchanger, and a versatile design, the XFIIRE is engineered to be your solution for a variety of demands, with hassle free installation and servicing. It’s perfect as a boiler or domestic water heater for office buildings, schools, multi-family housing, gyms and anywhere your heating needs are demanding.

Standard on both the XVers L and XFIIRE, the VERSA IC® control system combines modulating temperature control, safety limits and ignition programming into one user-friendly integrated control platform, and along with Raymote™ access, (optional with XFIIRE) keeps you connected and informed anywhere you happen to be. Raymote provides you status updates, alerts, and real-time service notifications to make you confident and secure that your heating needs are continuously being met.

We’re also thrilled to announce some changes and additions here in New England to our leadership. We’re proud to add Tim Kiely as Regional Manager, and Tom Lynch as DSM and Sales, Marketing and Service as our New England Representative. Mr. Kiely and Mr. Lynch are very experienced and already have set some outstanding goals for their territories for the coming year.

Talking about our achievements wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Raypak’s Innovation Learning Center (ILC) which opened up a little more than a year ago. The ILC is a modern, hands-on facility that includes interactive classrooms, a live demonstration lab where equipment can be broken down and reassembled, and a high-tech product showroom. The ILC is the perfect site for our partners from around the country to learn and get better acquainted with Raypak’s wide range of water heating products. We offer classes year round, for a variety of our commercial boiler products. Visit our website at www.raypak.com/ILC/ for more details.

At Raypak,experience meets innovation, and we’re always using our years of knowledge as a leader in the industry to propel us forward with inventive new ways to build and manufacture heaters to better serve our customers. We’re excited about the future and our strategy for more of our new innovative products to reach the market in 2020. Raypak is committed to staying in the forefront of the industry and delivering unsurpassed performance and superior features to reach a wider audience for the coming year.

Visit us at Raypak.com to find out more about the products and services we have to offer.

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