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Supplied Energy: Your New Solar, HVAC, and Home Improvement Distributor

July 09, 2021

Supplied Energy, a solar, HVAC, and home improvement distributor focused on making all-electric products easily accessible to contractors, is officially open for business in Newnan, GA. While the company is new, the team is not. The company is led by Kyle Smith, who has a strong background in the manufacturing and distribution side of the HVAC and home improvement industry. Also on the team are Mike Kelly and Andre Buquoi who are both well known in the southeast for their knowledge in the geothermal space. Supplied Energy’s team specializes in focusing on efficiency through home improvements, complemented by choosing the best HVAC and solar systems to meet your goals.

Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith

As the demand for fossil fuel-free products rises, Supplied Energy follows a four-step process guaranteed to help a home or building be capable of net zero status.

Step One: Button Up the Envelope
We want to insulate the house as best possible, providing the most sealed environment to control the temperature and humidity efficiently. This eliminates the need to install an oversized HVAC and/or solar system, which has to be done to meet the demands of an inefficient home or building.

Step Two: Convert to or Invest in Electric
Initially selecting or changing the HVAC system to a ground source or air source heat pump dramatically lowers the energy demands of the home or building. Why is it important to select an electric-based HVAC system? Because it’s one of the biggest energy users, and, as home and building owners, we can’t produce fossil fuels on-site, but we can produce our own electricity.

Step Three: Produce Energy On-Site
Adding solar to the home or building allows us to produce our own electricity to power an all-electric home. If steps one and two are followed appropriately, we’ve created a solution that saves on energy bills. Step three is where you can completely eliminate the energy bill.

Step Four: Store the Extra
We’ve noticed a change in the industry with the way energy providers bill for energy. Soon, if not already, energy providers will charge different rates during different times of the day for energy use. Investing in an energy storage system, allows home and building owners to stay at a one-to-one ratio. This creates a scenario where the excess energy produced during the day can be stored and used in the evening, keeping home and building owners from pulling energy from the grid during peak rates. It also provides backup during outages.

Supplied Energy is here to help guide and supply contractors with the all-electric, energy-efficient products they need to meet their customers’ goals, following the four-step process. The company makes this even easier by offering an online storefront, where products can be viewed, and orders can be placed easily.

About Supplied Energy
Supplied Energy is a power products, HVAC, and home improvement distributor focused on top-of-the-line efficient industry-leading products like GeoComfort geothermal systems, Q CELL solar panels, IronRidge solar racking, Westinghouse water heaters, Mars equipment and parts, Bosch heat pumps, Emporia smart home energy management systems, and many others. With corporate headquarters in Greenville, IL, and distribution facilities in Newnan, GA, Supplied Energy’s team extends knowledge and offer a service that gives contractors, home and building owners, and developers a guided opportunity to achieve goals associated with all-electric structures. We understand how different energy-efficient, power generating, and storage products fit together to achieve net-zero capable homes and building to simplify the process. To learn more, visit us online at

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