Art Penchansky

Art Penchansky February 15, 2019

Editorial, News

Rest in Peace Art Penchansky

By Walter Arnett By now, most of you readers of the HVAC Insider, Keystone Garden Edition, have heard the sad news that we lost our […]

Art Penchansky January 05, 2019


Just Ramblin’: Once More Into the Breach

By Art Penchansky “Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more,” Shakespeare, Henry V (about 400 years old, but who’s counting). It still holds […]

Art Penchansky December 08, 2018


Just Ramblin’: Creating a Business Plan

By Art Penchansky Several new contractors have asked me about a business plan, so I decided to write this again, earlier in the year than […]

Art Penchansky November 05, 2018


Just Ramblin’: What Were Great Christmas and Chanukah Holidays

By Art Penchansky When Marion was alive and healthy, Christmas, and then she added Chanukah, was always her favorite holiday. Every year she put up […]

Art Penchansky October 06, 2018


Just Ramblin’: Holidays in November

By Art Penchansky Of course, the most well-known and popular holiday in November is Thanksgiving Day, that’s a given. In school we learned that the […]


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