Tommy Leaumont, Chad Mondello and Jeremy Helton

Testo at United Refrigeration in Slidell

October 16, 2020

At United Refrigeration in Slidell, Tommy Leaumont, Jeremy Helton, and Chad Mondello were displaying their favorite Testo products and stating what they liked about each individual product.

Tommy Leaumont likes the 557 digital manifold with Bluetooth and the 4-way valve block. He said “The Testo digital manifold is the first choice of professional service technicians. It measures the high side and low side pressure and temperature and gives you simultaneous real time super heat and sub cooling. It comes with a three year warranty if you register it online with Testo.”

Tommy Leaumont, Chad Mondello and Jeremy Helton
Tommy Leaumont, Chad Mondello and Jeremy Helton

Jeremy Helton favors the 510i differential pressure manometer. Jeremy said “The 510i is great for measuring static pressure, air flow and even volume flow with the optional Pitot tube. It measures manifold pressure and pressure drop across filters and coils. Its reliability and Testo’s customer service make it second to none in our industry.”

Chad Mondello had high praise for the Testo Smart Probes ‘AC/Refrigeration Test and Load Kit’. Chad stated “ With the Test and Load Kit, you not only get the smart probes that measure the pressure and temperature, but you get two thermohygrometers which measure relative humidity, dew point and temperature wherever you need it measured. It can measure any of these, not just in the room, but in the ducts or in the plenum. This tool allows a technician to calculate superheat, subcooling and total system capacity in the Testo Smart Probe App on their phone. This tool is essential for servicing any system.”

You can stop and visit Tommy, Jeremy and Chad at 1020 Old Spanish Trail or call at 985-649-7410.